Top 5 the most attractive mountains in Vietnam


Throughout the country from the North to the South, there are many spectacular hills and mountains. A lot of high mountains which have existed for a long period and witnessed many changes in history become the famous tourist attractions and landmarks. There are the top 5 of the most attractive high mountains that we would like to introduce you as Vietnam tourist attractions for your tours.

Fansipan mountain (Lao Cai)

Fansipan Mount (the Hoang Lien Son Range) – top Vietnam tourist attractions located in the province of Lao Cai with 3,143 meters high, is the highest peak in Indochina – “The roof of Indochina”. To conquer the peak of Fansipan, you can follow 3 roads past 3 different villages: Cat Cat village, Xin Chai village and O Qui Ho hill. However, climbers often choose to cross the Cat Cat with the journey of 4 days and 3 nights.


On the way to Fansipan Mount

Climbing Fansipan Mountain is amazing. There are the native plants such as jackfruit, cardamom, rice … at the foot of the mountain and the primary forest with interlaced vines when going deeper. Over 2000 m high, you can enjoy white clouds even touch it. However, up to about 500m high, it has the clear sky and low temperature. At the high nearly 3,000 m, there is a landmark in 1905 whereas the French arrived here. The highest point of the mountain with a 70 cm high of stainless steel tip is a relic of the Russian and Germany athletes placed here in 1984 when they reached the roof of Indochina.


At the peak of Fansipan Mount

Hong Linh mountain (Ha Tinh Province)

Traveling to Vietnam, you must come to this place once. Hong Linh Mountain has the range of 99 peeks in Ha Tinh province. Nowadays, Hong Linh Mount still stands there with wild, majestic nature and owns many relics and scenic spots.


Hong Linh Mountain

On Hong Linh Mount, there are hundreds of temples and shrines. The famous and ancient ones are Huong Tich pagoda, Chan Tien pagoda, associated with legendary horse footprints on the rock (the first theory) and Thien Tuong Pagoda … Along with the Lam River, Hong Linh Mountain is considered as the representing symbol of Ha Tinh province.

Bach Ma (also known as White Hore) Mountain

Bach Ma Mountain with the height of 1.500m is located about 50km south of Hue City. In winter, the temperature does not fall below 4 degrees Celsius and in summer it is not higher than 26 degrees. On the top of the mountain, the nature is so beautiful all around the year with waterfalls, forest streams, rare animals, and plants, as well as temperate climates such as it, is Sa Pa, Tam Dao, Da Lat …


Bach Ma mountain

Exploring Bach Ma Mountain, tourists go along the Tri Sao path leading you to Tri Sao waterfall with a lot of Tri Sao – a kind of birds living there. On the 2 sides of Do Quyen waterfall trail, there are thousands of azalea flowers blooming in March, April as two giant flower carpets. The trail to Ngu Ho waterfall, especially, the Hai Vong Dai Trail with the immense landscape of the mountains leading to the South China Sea is the remain of the grandiose monasteries of the previous period.

Langbian Mountain (Lam Dong Province)

LangBiang or Lam Vien Mountain which is dubbed as top mountain must-see in Vietnam is located 12 km far away from the north of Dalat. The peak is 2,163 m high, so this is suitable for climbing, hiking, parachuting or researching and learning about the habitat of birds, mammals, and herbs. Standing on the mountain, you can admire an enormous green of nature, clouds, and mountains blending together. From a distance, the image of Dankia stream with small flow winding the foot of the mountain where many houses undulate alternately between mountains and trees is beautiful as a painting.


LangBiang Mountain

Chua Chan Mountain (Xuan Loc – Dong Nai)

Chua Chan Mountain is also known as Gia Ray Mountain in Xuan Loc District, Dong Nai Province. When having a look at this bowl-shaped mountain in the morning or in the evening, you can see clouds floating above it, so romantic. Chua Chan Mount is 837m high (the second highest in the South East, behind the Ba Den mountain – Tay Ninh). At the top of the mountain, there is Buu Quang pagoda which was founded in the early 20th century. The pagoda has a dome located in a stone cave that looks like a dragon with its whole complex architectural based on natural caves. Beyond Buu Quang pagoda, this place is also famous for its 50-meter high banyan tree, formed from 3 stalks with mysterious legends.


Trekking Chua Chan Mountain

Coming here, you can relax with nature freely and feel the absolute peace air of the temple on the mountain. Of course, you also hunt clouds the early morning.

These mountains are Vietnam tourist attractions that you cannot miss, especially who are nature lovers and long to conquer the nature as well. These ones are extremely suitable for trekking tours in Vietnam.

Trekking Pu Luong


Pu Luong Nature Reserve is located about 130 km northwest of Thanh Hoa city, in Quan Hoa and Ba Thuoc districts. Pu Luong beauty with many wild features, hidden in the fog as hanging gardens on high is waiting for travelers to explore.


View from Pu Luong Peak

Time to visit Pu Luong

The perfect time to travel to Pu Luong, especially joining Pu Luong trekking tours, is between June and October when the rice terraced fields in harvest time turned to golden on the hillside. These fields are harmonious with the Pu Luong green carpet, creating a peaceful and romantic picture. In addition, you can come here any season of the year to relax with cool space and all year round fog covered in the highland villages.

Travel and trekking

Tourists can ride motorbikes to Lac village, Mai Chau from Hanoi and continue to follow the direction of Co Luong, turn 15C road and driving along the Ma River to Pu Luong nature reserve area.

If traveling from Thanh Hoa city, go along the Ho Chi Minh Trail, turn right at Cam Thuy Town, you will meet the road 15C in Canh Nang Town, then go about 10 km to the foot of Pu Luong mountain.

Trekking tour in Pu Luong is the favorite activity of foreign visitors, the starting point is from Kho Muong for trekking across Pu Luong. Coming to the Kho Muong, besides the scenery, the majestic landscape, visitors also have a chance to discover caves with the legendary stalactites.


Friendly local people

From Kho Muong village, you can go along four Muong villages road system, Ban Pon village – Thanh Cong – Cao Hoong village – Ban Kit village to discover the cultural characteristics, or follow the trail connecting Kho Muong to Ban Uoi – Pho Doan, then come to Quan Village, where there is peaceful, simple atmosphere.


On the trip to Pu Luong, visitors can rest in the spacious, cool houses on stilts of the Thai, Muong in Ban Lac, Com Poong village, Hoa Binh or in the core area of Pu Luong in the Dong Dieng village, Kho Muong, Nua village, Kit village, Cao Hoong … One night costs about 40,000 to 50,000 VND per tourist.


Typical house on stilts

Specialties that Vietnam off the beaten track tour recommend the tourists

Food services in Pu Luong are usually located in the stilt. The owner will set the table with mountainous specialties, such as chicken hills, snails, sour bamboo shoots, banana flowers, ducklings, wild pigs.


Specialties of highland people

Thai people in Pu Luong also have a pungent spicy wine that is an indispensable specialty in every meal. Wine is made from yeast cassava and spring stream water so its taste is very delicious and special.

Places to discover

From Dong Dien, you can conquer Pu Luong peak at 1,700m high, this experience is only for adventurous tourists. From the top of Pu Luong, you will be able to look at the spectacular view of the valley at the foot of the mountain.

Do not skip your Pu Luong trekking tours to the summit of Son Ba Muoi, a secluded place where children and the elderly know only their village. You have to cross the Nua, Trinh, Hin, Bo and the mountain road ramp up very hard to reach this picturesque peaceful place.

If going on Thursday or Sunday, go to Pho Dau market, where the exchange of Highland produce is very interesting with self-sufficient items such as brocade, wine, wild vegetables, insects, fresh fruits.

Items to carry

To get the perfect trip, visitors should prepare some main items such as rope, parachute cord to tie the tire when encountering slippery roads, dark long-sleeved dress, soft hats, forest boots, socks against wrinkles, flashlights, raincoats, binoculars, tents, antiseptics, anti-mosquitoes, insect repellents to explore the ancient forests.

* Note

–    Check the weather before the trip a few days to avoid the forest rains.

–    Need to refill the fuel before entering Pu Luong.

–    If you do not contact the lodge before, you can go to the place and ask for staying. However, if you miss the way and it is dark, you can also ask for sleep at any house without feeling bothered, as sometimes they feel awkward because the floor is not big enough to accommodate your group.

Finally, we hope that you will have an unforgettable Pu Luong trekking tour.

Here is why you should stay at these three hotels when in Cát Bà


I know many of my friends out there consider Halong Bay as just a Bay as it has been written in travel magazines for ages. They will definitely think of taking a bus from Hanoi straight to Quảng Ninh, a Northern province where Halong Bay sits, spend a night on a fancy cruise amid the giant limestone mountains and that is it! No, that is not how people always do, because that is not everything Halong Bay has got to offer! It is time to think out of the box, with Cát Bà Island, the largest island in the complex of Halong Bay, which belongs to the port city of Hải Phòng. In case a new idea just pops up in your head of signing up for a Cát Bà Island tour in the near future, here are the three finest selected accommodations you may consider.


Cát Bà Island

The infinite green space at Flamingo Cát Bà Beach Resort

Well applied the innovation of green architecture in such an inspiring method alongside with holding a progressive technology idea, Flamingo Cát Bà Beach Resort can be seen as one of the greenish construction across the globe when serving the ability to deliver a massive image of a huge tropical garden.


How is it like to stay here?

Flamingo is the very first 5-star resort ever built all over Cát Bà Island, which brings an upscale hospitality experience to your Cát Bà luxury tour. Flamingo Cát Bà Beach Resort is given an absolute greenish space featured three different buildings Forest On The Sea, Forest In The Sun and Forest On The Sand. An utmost focal point at the resort is a Worldwide scale supreme self-contained convenient service complex. All of the experiences were designed with a view to offering a high-end ambiance for Flamingo’s customers.


The front face

Owning a real private space with Cát Bà Monkey Island Resort

Cát Bà Monkey Island Resort is perfectly situated on an absolutely private beach of Monkey Island in Lan Hạ Bay, which takes you roughly 2 miles from Cát Bà downtown and another 10 minutes by boat from Bến Bèo harbor.

Spending a night at Cat Ba Monkey Island Resort, you will have a fascinating moment staying in well-designed bungalows while getting enclosed by the fresh air coming from the vast ocean, relaxing at your private beach, kayaking, swimming, billiard and getting fit when picking your favorite sport onshore. Apart from these, you can choose to pick a hiking trip upon the peak of a mountain for the stunning view towards Lan Hạ Bay.


Your private space

Cat Ba Monkey Island Resort is filled with totally 39 rooms and smartly equipped with high-quality beddings, air conditioners, and private bathroom along with the hot showers. Moreover, most of the rooms serve a spectacular view towards the landscapes of hundreds of natural islets. Not to mention, Monkey Island Resort Restaurant sits close by the seashore, right in front of a magnificent Eco Garden where you can possibly enjoy Vietnamese as well as Western cuisine.


Serene atmosphere

Do not hesitate to go for Whisper Nature Bungalow during your Cát Bà tour for family

Whisper Nature Bungalow is spotted at Việt Hải Village, at the foot of Cat Ba’s National Park Reserve. This serene hideaway offers a 24-hour reception service in addition to a Vietnamese cuisine bistro. Inspired by the uniqueness of traditional village houses, Whisper Nature Bungalow rooms are sanitary and rustically furnished.


A rustic ambiance

Tea and coffee making machines, as well as a hairdryer, are all prepared beforehand in each room. Trekking and hiking excursions to the mountainous caves and jungles can be your next favorite things at the island. Guest services at Bungalow Whisper Nature include bicycles for rent for a ride to Việt Hải Forest and Cat Ba National Forest. Last but not least, laundry services and transfers are ready to serve, meanwhile, the cozy bistro offers savory Vietnamese dishes with fresh ingredients are well grown at Whisper Nature Bungalow’s own garden.



Cát Bà is such a coastal paradise that fell into oblivion and now surging as a new favorite destination apart from the main area of Halong Bay. Do not forget to ask its local Vietnam tour operators for a help in sorting things out.

Which Vietnam Beaches are the Most Children-Friendly?


Besides a real melting-pot of cultures, the tempting natural wonders, historical buildings and landmarks, glorious temples and pagodas, peaceful countryside, notorious cuisine culture, and hospitable locals, Vietnam is also well known for its many fabulous sunny beaches, which is only one reason why our nation is such a favorite destination for a family tour.

When you just need a little downtime, taking your whole family to the beach to make all your beloved ones satisfied is not a bad idea. What is the best place to escape the smog and heat inside the large cities on a beach vacation in Vietnam? We have compiled a list of popular children-friendly beaches – incredible sights sprinkled across the country, in no particular order, and what we think makes them so special.

My Khe Beach – Da Nang


My Khe Beach

A tropical, kid-friendly destination stretching from the north to the south of the 19-mile-long coastline of Da Nang City, My Khe Beach rates among the best kid-friendly beaches in Central Vietnam for families seeking non-stop fun in the sun. Once being a resort of American soldiers during the Vietnam War and now one of the six most attractive beaches on the planet voted by the Forbes, My Khe Beach is famous for a tranquil vibe of abandonment and one of the world’s spectacular gentle curvatures of sand.

The long and flat sand-bank, clean sand, warm blue water all year round, and sunlight paired with the gentle waves perfect for water activities make My Khe Beach a natural playground while luxury resorts and world-class villas offer great services and accommodations.

Lang Co Beach – Thua Thien Hue


Lang Co Beach

Looking for a super laid-back Central Vietnam beach with the vast blue waters of the ocean, white-sugar sand stretches, and a tropical island vibe that is as kid-friendly as can be? Along with the National Highway 1A, on the foot of Hai Van Mountain, you will find down-to-earth Lang Co Beach which is part of the Gulf of Lang Co.

A perfect choice for those looking for quiet and solitude, Lang Co Beach is a kid-friendly destination for many good reasons: 4.9 – 34-feet-high powder soft, white sand banks that stay cool on your feet, the large mysterious Lap An Lake, sand dunes, and rainforests on the undulating mountains that create a tropical escape, the tropical monsoon climate with the average temperature of 25 degrees Celsius and large waves suitable for outdoor activities including scuba diving, and especially nearby family attractions such as My Son Sanctuary, Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park, Bach Ma National Garden, the ancient citadel of Hue, Hoi An ancient town, Hai Van Pass, Elephant Springs, etc.

Ti Top Beach – Halong Bay


Ti Top Beach Halong

When it comes to the top beaches for a Vietnam tour for family, trust the locals to direct you to this children-friendly destination popular for the harmony between the clouds and water, its shape of a crescent encompassing the island, fresh atmosphere, wide, sandy shores, a great relaxing ambiance, and diverse outdoor activities. Various lodging options ranging from hotels to high-end resorts, restaurants, beachside picnic areas, and playgrounds life-buoy renting, skydiving, or kayak facilities make this kid-friendly destination a good choice for a family vacation. Put the kid-friendly attraction on the top of your to-do list on your Vietnam tour for family!

Ninh Chu Beach – Ninh Thuan

Where to go in Vietnam for family? It should be Ninh Chu Beach – one of the almost mythic auras that attract millions of visitors annually. Just 3.1 miles east of Phan Rang – Thap Cham City, Ninh Chu Beach is where kids can enjoy a wealth of water-based activities like swimming, sailing, diving, fishing, visit the nearby Cham towers of Po Klong Garai, or simply lie down on the poplar leaf carpet, without umbrella or bench, to restfully admire the blue sky.

If you are planning a family tour in Vietnam, chances are you are going to hit one of the so many unique beaches. With 2026 miles of Vietnam’s coastline offering plenty of options, which are the best choices when traveling with the kids? Read on for our list of the best children-friendly beaches in Vietnam.

Useful tips for a 3-day-2-night trip in Cat Ba (part 2)


You can visit the “Women’s Island” several times and still not see everything. There are plenty of things to do in Cat Ba – a dreamy island 70 meters above sea level. On your first trip to the largest island in Halong Bay, it is likely you might want to hit all of its major tourist sites, but if some do not interest you, don’t feel bad skipping them. Popular sites are a must, but ruling out other locations just because they are not on the tourist trail will be such a pity. Let’s see our recommendations on what to do in Cat Ba on your North Vietnam group tours!

Monkey Island


Monkey Island

Perhaps the town’s most iconic site, “Monkey Island” has welcomed the huddled masses in recent years. You can take the ferry from Beo wharf through Cai Beo fishing village and several small islands to the island about 0.6 miles far away from Cat Ba town. Home to 2 arc-shaped beaches, namely Cat Dua 1 Beach and Cat Dua 2 Beach, both providing excellent conditions for outdoor activities, Monkey Island is easily recognized as the crown of Cat Ba.

Get Off The Beaten Track on Lan Ha Bay


Lan Ha Bay

I know it is cliché, but why not attempt it? The central hub of Cat Ba Town is now framed by a chain of low-rise concrete hotels along its once-beautiful bay, but the rest of the island about 6.2 miles southeast of Halong Bay is largely untouched and still as wild as ever. Expect many unforgettable travel experiences to happen to you in these interesting and unusual areas that are not much influenced by a tourism surge like Lan Ha Bay. An afternoon kayaking around impressive limestone mountains, swimming in the cool waters, and climbing to Monkey Island Peak, a night spent on Lan Ha Bay’s cruise, and a long day full of excitement – Lan Ha Bay promises you a life-changing experience in such a peaceful atmosphere with smaller tourist crowds.

A visit to Viet Hai fishing village


Viet Hai fishing village in Cat Ba

If the idea of just sitting back and relaxing as your comfortable boat takes you around these islands, showcasing all of the landmarks and hotspots that you may not otherwise get a chance to visit on your North Vietnam group tours does not really interest you, nothing can be better than paying a visit to Viet Hai fishing village! This lovely fishermen community is where you can shrug off the noisy city life and daily work stress. Whether it is a walking or bicycling tour to visit these local fishermen’s families or an interesting homestay experience, Viet Hai fishing village will give you time to free your body.

Cat Ba National Park


Cat Ba National Park

Since you will already be in the area, make sure to take a stroll around the town’s most famous green space. Even though it is actually a full 64,248 acres, don’t worry – there is no need to explore the entire park to get a sense of its nature and atmosphere. The 3rd Biosphere Reserve in Vietnam and a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve, Cat Ba National Park is one of the best places in Cat Ba to experience Vietnam’s nature! Prepare yourself for an amazing trekking tour to meet nearly 60 species in Vietnam and the World’s Red Book and 32 types of mammal. If you are lucky, you can meet one of the world’s 65 remaining golden-headed langurs, the world’s most endangered primate. What a memorable experience for any nature lovers on their North Vietnam group tours!

With 3 days and 2 nights in Cat Ba Island, you can go on a tour for just about anything, including food tours, island tours, and culture tours to take a better overview of the pearl island of Northern Vietnam. Instead of rushing from islands to islands, beaches to beaches, you can savor the sights, and add stops like a ferry ride to the Monkey Island, a visit to Viet Hai fishing village, and either the World Biosphere Reserve of Cat Ba National Park. This packed 3-day-2-night itinerary maximizes your limited time in the town.

Useful tips for a 3-day-2-night trip in Cat Ba Island (part 1)


When you visit Cat Ba, you want to see it all. You might have got a long list of the best places to visit in Cat Ba, things to do in Cat Ba, activities to take part in, restaurants to have meals, and bars to drink at! But have you had your own ideas about how

If you are planning a trip to this famous island in Haiphong City on your North Vietnam group tours or just dreaming about it, we will show you what to know before you go!

Why is a 3-day-2-night trip in Cat Ba perfect?

A 3-day-2-night trip to Cat Ba gives you a little breathing room. With 3 days in this famed island for the touristic stuff and culture exploration, you can take a better insight into Cat Ba’s impressive landscapes and the local culture and lifestyle. Instead of a very busy 1-day schedule and you cannot see it all, why not start conversations with local people to enrich your travels more than sights do, have a lifelong local show you how to see the best sights of Cat Ba and what to do in Cat Ba as well as sample as many quintessential dishes as possible? So I would suggest giving yourself at least 3 days and 2 nights as a good starting point to tailor a sightseeing itinerary to your own interests to get a great taste of the city and cover a lot of ground.

How to save big on admission?

Cat Ba Island is reasonable in comparison with other Northern Vietnam destinations, so it is not really difficult to visit fairly cheaply if you know what to avoid overspending on.

Find a Place to Stay in Neighborhoods Outside of Tourist Zones


Hotel in the tourist zone

Hotels close to the top tourist attractions are, of course, much higher in price than in other neighborhoods. And since you will not be hanging out on Monkey Island and Cat Co Beach during your entire trip, so make it more of a priority to a number of backpacker hostels rather than these well-trodden hotels close to attractions. Instead of these hotels along the harbor road (1-4 Street) or the Nui Ngoc loop, try looking for accommodation at the two branches as Nui Ngoc (east) and Nui Ngoc (west). However, no matter which hotels you choose, you can rent a scooter basically anywhere on Cat Ba and will enjoy great service provided by your hosts and staffs, who often have great tips for the neighborhood.

Plan your trip in the off-season

If you plan your North Vietnam group tours on the weekends or on holiday seasons, expect to pay about double or even triple for everything from food to accommodation, attractions, and activities. Apart from the holidays, not many people want to visit in these winter months, so go in from November to March of the next year if you can. Go there at this time of year and you can even take advantage of many hotels’ bonus offers.

Don’t be scared of the local food


Popular seafood in Cat Ba

Think you already know what Cat Ba food tastes like? You might be wrong. Fresh seafood is everywhere on this island. Even if you do not know what it is, don’t be scared of the food. Just ask your local friends or your hotels’ staff for recommendations, point at what you want, and taste a bit of everything when you travel. Our recommended favorites are jellyfish mannequin, lobster, grilled geoduck, sea snake, horseshoe crab, garrupa, red snapper and cobia, cat Ba rice vermicelli with shrimp, etc.

Cat Ba Island is one of the most visited destinations in Northern Vietnam and for good reason. A 3-day-2-night sightseeing tour in Cat Ba Island is one of the best ways to start your North Vietnam group tours. On this short yet amazing trip, you will get a comprehensive overview of the island’s sweeping views, unique culture, and layout of all of the spectacular sites you want to go back to for a visit.