Vietnam off the beaten track tours to Hoa Phu Thanh


Do you want to have Vietnam off the beaten track tours? Try to visit Hoa Phu Thanh in Danang to enjoy your time.

Hoa Phu Thanh Resort is located in Hoa Phu Commune, Hoa Vang District, Da Nang. This is a resort complex with a variety of sports activities and entertainment. Includes Rafting, Zipline, Fish Massage, Restaurants and Restaurants with traditional folk food. And it is considered the must-go destination in your Danang tours.


Hoa Phu Thanh waterfall

From Da Nang city, follow Ba Na – Truong Son road, then turn to DT604 (Prao road, Dong Giang) for 20 km, you can get to Hoa Phu Thanh. In fact, there are signs on your left-hand side.

 There is also a private guest house for the delegation (in the traditional style of the Co Tu house), especially the collective stilt house can accommodate more than 500 guests. In addition to the restaurant and overnight stay, you can take a day out with your picnic foods. The resort has an exclusive area for renting mats, private huts for groups of lunch breaks and catering establishments. Normally visitors will have fun and then have their self-sufficient lunch here.

The top things to do in Danang as well as the most attractive activity when coming to Hoa PhuThanh is a game of waterfall cascading by rubber boat, each boat has two people, equipped with protective gear. There are 2 shifts per day at 10 am and 2 pm. The preparation time for each shift is 30 minutes. You should arrange reasonable travel time to be able to arrive on time. The slide shows last about 45-60 minutes experience on the stream.


Waterfall cascading

Before joining the game you will change the swimsuit, you do not bring personal belongings, phone or wallet when the boat on the falls cascade. All personal belongings will be sent to the post office with surveillance camera system so you can assure that your things are safe.

After preparing your personal outfit, you will be provided with safety outfit, life jackets, helmets, and instructions on how to take part in the game to avoid any obstacles on how to play safely.

After completing the training, you will be transferred to the point of origin. There are 2 people on a canoe slide into the lake when everyone is ready, the staff will open the water to the stream and you start the 3km journey through the rapids with different heights.

You should note when joining a waterfall slide game that you should wear neat, preferably swimwear, bathing cloth.

If you want to take pictures with your phone you should carry water-resistant items. The resort has photo services, fee 5000 VND / 1 soft image by email or USB or a hard copy on demand.

In the process of participating in the game will have rescue teams will support when you have difficulty, most of you will be the main movement.

There is a bathroom where you just need to prepare: towels, clothes instead of playing

Children under 14 years old, who have neurological, cardiovascular, or stimulant use will not be permitted to participate.

With 2 safety cables for high security. Zipline here is quite fast because the 300m line has two stops and about creating a new feeling for the first time you play this game.

Currently, the official price is 50 thousand dongs/guest/slip.

Play this game is not difficult, you just need to wear full protective gear and check before you slip. You can play this game after the waterfall falls. To ensure the best you should follow the instructions of the technical staff.

Besides, you can try fish massage service. This service is not strange, because many resorts in Viet Nam and other Southeast Asian countries also have this service. Fish here is no teeth, using mouth to suck dead skin. It is also quite safe for visitors. If you have never tried it before, you can relax at leisure.


Fish massage

This is also an ideal resort for a picnic, you can go in one day. After participating in the games, you can have lunch here inbuilt huts. You can eat, sleep and relax. These shelters are located in an area known as Co Tien Village (name of a Co Tu village) in this area has been relocated to other places. The management has retained the traditional houses of Co Tu people so that visitors can understand more about the architecture and culture of the Co Tu. Rental rates from 200 thousand to one million dongs, depending on the area used corresponding to the number of people in the delegation.

This place recently has become Vietnam tourist attraction due to the unique services. Give it a try to make it your best memories.

Discovering Cat Tien National Park – Interesting Vietnam Group Tours


Are you plan to travel to Vietnam and find an interesting group tour for your group? If you are an adventurous and nature-loving person, Cat Tien National Park is a destination that you must visit.

Cat Tien National Park has been recognized by UNESCO as the world’s biosphere reserve, deserving to be the top destinations in Vietnam. The fee for tourists is about 20,000 – 25,000 VND. With the Vietnam group tours, you can choose from a variety of travel and sightseeing main attractions in Cat Tien National Park. Each trip is an enjoyable experience. Wish you have a fun and exciting when traveling in Vietnam.

The unique scenery

The unique scenery


If you join in a group tour in Vietnam, you will explore this place by trekking which will bring you a great experience during the trip. With a flat area, two-thirds of the area is surrounded by Dong Nai River so the weather is mild. Also, the forest still maintains the wildlife characteristics with many valuable plant species. This is also home to many wildlife and semi-wildlife animal such as bear, monkey, deer, jungle fowl, boar, etc.

Cat Tien trekking

Cat Tien trekking

Visit the rich floral and animal

For the first time, visitors will see many strange mushrooms, beautiful wildflowers and hundreds of herbs, plans, fruits. There are many exotic plants such as 500-year-old trees, the rare tree that the trunk is more than 2 meters in diameter. You can rent a bike or walk along the main road and admire the wildlife.

The wildlife at Cat Tien National Park

The wildlife at Cat Tien National Park

You can also visit Cat Tien Bear and Wild Cat Rescue Station where tourists like the most when visiting Nam Cat Tien National Park. The Bear Rescue Station area is about 1 hectare. This is home to 2 main species, moon bear, and sun bear. The injured bears are brought here to care and treatment so that they can grow and develop better. Wildcat Rescue Area is currently house for Leopard cat. If you want to support the station, you can not only visit the Rescue Station but also bring food for the Bears and the Leopards or sponsor equipment for the station.

The Bear Rescue Station

The Bear Rescue Station

When the night comes, you can rent a tent at Farmstay for resting after a long day. With the night tour, you can watch the wildlife animal only appear at night such as wild boar, porcupine, gaur, fox, etc. You can contact the management of Cat Tien tourist resort to buy tickets and rent a car, hire a guide to show you the nightlife in the forest. The cost is about 170,000vnđ / person.

Cat Tien Farmstay

Cat Tien Farmstay

If you love adventure, you can choose the tour walking through the forest. Moreover, you can ride a jeep or ride the bicycle through the forest to discovering the wild nature here.

Discovering the Crocodile Kingdom

Bau Sau (the Crocodile Lake) is the place attracts tourists by the original beauty inherent. It is about 9km far from the center of the park. Tourists should travel by car of eco-tourism center with the price of 500,000 VND / ship carrying 4-7 people, then walk for 5km more. Because of trekking through the jungle, you must prepare boots, long sleeves, pants, bug spray carefully to prevent snakes and mosquitoes. Bau Sau is a large lake, there have many crocodiles and birds. Tourists can discover the underwater life of the crocodile, admire the beautiful dance of the peacock and the wild nature scenery.

Crocodiles in Cat Tien

Crocodiles in Cat Tien

Ta Lai Longhouse – explore the daily life of ethnic minorities in Vietnam

Coming to Ta Lai, you will learn more about the life of ethnic minorities in Vietnam such as Tay, S’tieng, Ma. The Longhouse has located at the edge of a wood, it was built exactly the same to the traditional home of the Ma. All the longhouse was made from bamboo, wood and palm leaves. Ta Lai Longhouse is a perfect shelter to stay if you want to spend a weekend in the jungle. You can watch their daily life and enjoy the food made by the ethnic people.

Ta Lai Longhouse

Ta Lai Longhouse