Trekking Pu Luong


Pu Luong Nature Reserve is located about 130 km northwest of Thanh Hoa city, in Quan Hoa and Ba Thuoc districts. Pu Luong beauty with many wild features, hidden in the fog as hanging gardens on high is waiting for travelers to explore.


View from Pu Luong Peak

Time to visit Pu Luong

The perfect time to travel to Pu Luong, especially joining Pu Luong trekking tours, is between June and October when the rice terraced fields in harvest time turned to golden on the hillside. These fields are harmonious with the Pu Luong green carpet, creating a peaceful and romantic picture. In addition, you can come here any season of the year to relax with cool space and all year round fog covered in the highland villages.

Travel and trekking

Tourists can ride motorbikes to Lac village, Mai Chau from Hanoi and continue to follow the direction of Co Luong, turn 15C road and driving along the Ma River to Pu Luong nature reserve area.

If traveling from Thanh Hoa city, go along the Ho Chi Minh Trail, turn right at Cam Thuy Town, you will meet the road 15C in Canh Nang Town, then go about 10 km to the foot of Pu Luong mountain.

Trekking tour in Pu Luong is the favorite activity of foreign visitors, the starting point is from Kho Muong for trekking across Pu Luong. Coming to the Kho Muong, besides the scenery, the majestic landscape, visitors also have a chance to discover caves with the legendary stalactites.


Friendly local people

From Kho Muong village, you can go along four Muong villages road system, Ban Pon village – Thanh Cong – Cao Hoong village – Ban Kit village to discover the cultural characteristics, or follow the trail connecting Kho Muong to Ban Uoi – Pho Doan, then come to Quan Village, where there is peaceful, simple atmosphere.


On the trip to Pu Luong, visitors can rest in the spacious, cool houses on stilts of the Thai, Muong in Ban Lac, Com Poong village, Hoa Binh or in the core area of Pu Luong in the Dong Dieng village, Kho Muong, Nua village, Kit village, Cao Hoong … One night costs about 40,000 to 50,000 VND per tourist.


Typical house on stilts

Specialties that Vietnam off the beaten track tour recommend the tourists

Food services in Pu Luong are usually located in the stilt. The owner will set the table with mountainous specialties, such as chicken hills, snails, sour bamboo shoots, banana flowers, ducklings, wild pigs.


Specialties of highland people

Thai people in Pu Luong also have a pungent spicy wine that is an indispensable specialty in every meal. Wine is made from yeast cassava and spring stream water so its taste is very delicious and special.

Places to discover

From Dong Dien, you can conquer Pu Luong peak at 1,700m high, this experience is only for adventurous tourists. From the top of Pu Luong, you will be able to look at the spectacular view of the valley at the foot of the mountain.

Do not skip your Pu Luong trekking tours to the summit of Son Ba Muoi, a secluded place where children and the elderly know only their village. You have to cross the Nua, Trinh, Hin, Bo and the mountain road ramp up very hard to reach this picturesque peaceful place.

If going on Thursday or Sunday, go to Pho Dau market, where the exchange of Highland produce is very interesting with self-sufficient items such as brocade, wine, wild vegetables, insects, fresh fruits.

Items to carry

To get the perfect trip, visitors should prepare some main items such as rope, parachute cord to tie the tire when encountering slippery roads, dark long-sleeved dress, soft hats, forest boots, socks against wrinkles, flashlights, raincoats, binoculars, tents, antiseptics, anti-mosquitoes, insect repellents to explore the ancient forests.

* Note

–    Check the weather before the trip a few days to avoid the forest rains.

–    Need to refill the fuel before entering Pu Luong.

–    If you do not contact the lodge before, you can go to the place and ask for staying. However, if you miss the way and it is dark, you can also ask for sleep at any house without feeling bothered, as sometimes they feel awkward because the floor is not big enough to accommodate your group.

Finally, we hope that you will have an unforgettable Pu Luong trekking tour.

Useful tips for a 3-day-2-night trip in Cat Ba (part 2)


You can visit the “Women’s Island” several times and still not see everything. There are plenty of things to do in Cat Ba – a dreamy island 70 meters above sea level. On your first trip to the largest island in Halong Bay, it is likely you might want to hit all of its major tourist sites, but if some do not interest you, don’t feel bad skipping them. Popular sites are a must, but ruling out other locations just because they are not on the tourist trail will be such a pity. Let’s see our recommendations on what to do in Cat Ba on your North Vietnam group tours!

Monkey Island


Monkey Island

Perhaps the town’s most iconic site, “Monkey Island” has welcomed the huddled masses in recent years. You can take the ferry from Beo wharf through Cai Beo fishing village and several small islands to the island about 0.6 miles far away from Cat Ba town. Home to 2 arc-shaped beaches, namely Cat Dua 1 Beach and Cat Dua 2 Beach, both providing excellent conditions for outdoor activities, Monkey Island is easily recognized as the crown of Cat Ba.

Get Off The Beaten Track on Lan Ha Bay


Lan Ha Bay

I know it is cliché, but why not attempt it? The central hub of Cat Ba Town is now framed by a chain of low-rise concrete hotels along its once-beautiful bay, but the rest of the island about 6.2 miles southeast of Halong Bay is largely untouched and still as wild as ever. Expect many unforgettable travel experiences to happen to you in these interesting and unusual areas that are not much influenced by a tourism surge like Lan Ha Bay. An afternoon kayaking around impressive limestone mountains, swimming in the cool waters, and climbing to Monkey Island Peak, a night spent on Lan Ha Bay’s cruise, and a long day full of excitement – Lan Ha Bay promises you a life-changing experience in such a peaceful atmosphere with smaller tourist crowds.

A visit to Viet Hai fishing village


Viet Hai fishing village in Cat Ba

If the idea of just sitting back and relaxing as your comfortable boat takes you around these islands, showcasing all of the landmarks and hotspots that you may not otherwise get a chance to visit on your North Vietnam group tours does not really interest you, nothing can be better than paying a visit to Viet Hai fishing village! This lovely fishermen community is where you can shrug off the noisy city life and daily work stress. Whether it is a walking or bicycling tour to visit these local fishermen’s families or an interesting homestay experience, Viet Hai fishing village will give you time to free your body.

Cat Ba National Park


Cat Ba National Park

Since you will already be in the area, make sure to take a stroll around the town’s most famous green space. Even though it is actually a full 64,248 acres, don’t worry – there is no need to explore the entire park to get a sense of its nature and atmosphere. The 3rd Biosphere Reserve in Vietnam and a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve, Cat Ba National Park is one of the best places in Cat Ba to experience Vietnam’s nature! Prepare yourself for an amazing trekking tour to meet nearly 60 species in Vietnam and the World’s Red Book and 32 types of mammal. If you are lucky, you can meet one of the world’s 65 remaining golden-headed langurs, the world’s most endangered primate. What a memorable experience for any nature lovers on their North Vietnam group tours!

With 3 days and 2 nights in Cat Ba Island, you can go on a tour for just about anything, including food tours, island tours, and culture tours to take a better overview of the pearl island of Northern Vietnam. Instead of rushing from islands to islands, beaches to beaches, you can savor the sights, and add stops like a ferry ride to the Monkey Island, a visit to Viet Hai fishing village, and either the World Biosphere Reserve of Cat Ba National Park. This packed 3-day-2-night itinerary maximizes your limited time in the town.

Useful tips for a 3-day-2-night trip in Cat Ba Island (part 1)


When you visit Cat Ba, you want to see it all. You might have got a long list of the best places to visit in Cat Ba, things to do in Cat Ba, activities to take part in, restaurants to have meals, and bars to drink at! But have you had your own ideas about how

If you are planning a trip to this famous island in Haiphong City on your North Vietnam group tours or just dreaming about it, we will show you what to know before you go!

Why is a 3-day-2-night trip in Cat Ba perfect?

A 3-day-2-night trip to Cat Ba gives you a little breathing room. With 3 days in this famed island for the touristic stuff and culture exploration, you can take a better insight into Cat Ba’s impressive landscapes and the local culture and lifestyle. Instead of a very busy 1-day schedule and you cannot see it all, why not start conversations with local people to enrich your travels more than sights do, have a lifelong local show you how to see the best sights of Cat Ba and what to do in Cat Ba as well as sample as many quintessential dishes as possible? So I would suggest giving yourself at least 3 days and 2 nights as a good starting point to tailor a sightseeing itinerary to your own interests to get a great taste of the city and cover a lot of ground.

How to save big on admission?

Cat Ba Island is reasonable in comparison with other Northern Vietnam destinations, so it is not really difficult to visit fairly cheaply if you know what to avoid overspending on.

Find a Place to Stay in Neighborhoods Outside of Tourist Zones


Hotel in the tourist zone

Hotels close to the top tourist attractions are, of course, much higher in price than in other neighborhoods. And since you will not be hanging out on Monkey Island and Cat Co Beach during your entire trip, so make it more of a priority to a number of backpacker hostels rather than these well-trodden hotels close to attractions. Instead of these hotels along the harbor road (1-4 Street) or the Nui Ngoc loop, try looking for accommodation at the two branches as Nui Ngoc (east) and Nui Ngoc (west). However, no matter which hotels you choose, you can rent a scooter basically anywhere on Cat Ba and will enjoy great service provided by your hosts and staffs, who often have great tips for the neighborhood.

Plan your trip in the off-season

If you plan your North Vietnam group tours on the weekends or on holiday seasons, expect to pay about double or even triple for everything from food to accommodation, attractions, and activities. Apart from the holidays, not many people want to visit in these winter months, so go in from November to March of the next year if you can. Go there at this time of year and you can even take advantage of many hotels’ bonus offers.

Don’t be scared of the local food


Popular seafood in Cat Ba

Think you already know what Cat Ba food tastes like? You might be wrong. Fresh seafood is everywhere on this island. Even if you do not know what it is, don’t be scared of the food. Just ask your local friends or your hotels’ staff for recommendations, point at what you want, and taste a bit of everything when you travel. Our recommended favorites are jellyfish mannequin, lobster, grilled geoduck, sea snake, horseshoe crab, garrupa, red snapper and cobia, cat Ba rice vermicelli with shrimp, etc.

Cat Ba Island is one of the most visited destinations in Northern Vietnam and for good reason. A 3-day-2-night sightseeing tour in Cat Ba Island is one of the best ways to start your North Vietnam group tours. On this short yet amazing trip, you will get a comprehensive overview of the island’s sweeping views, unique culture, and layout of all of the spectacular sites you want to go back to for a visit.

How to have a wonderful South Vietnam group tours to Thach An Island?


Do you know that there is a beautiful island just 70 km to the east of Ho Chi Minh City? Thanh An island commune is completely separated from Can Gio and Ho Chi Minh City. This place must have a spot in the list of your South Vietnam group tours.

About 70 km to the east of Ho Chi Minh City, you can find one of the best destinations in South Vietnam – Thanh An Island, which is a hidden treasure of Saigon. It is an ideal destination for those who like simple rustic life. You can go there within one day as traveling does not take much time. Come here, you will discover a wild nature, peaceful life with the warm welcome of people in the fishing village, who are gentle, hospitable to guests. You can truly enjoy the special flavor of the sea.


Road in Thach An island

If you are wondering where to go in South Vietnam and why Thanh An is the best choice. Then you should know that Thanh An Island is a special island with an area of about 131 square kilometers with about 5,000 inhabitants. It is considered as the key gateway of Saigon – Gia Dinh in the past located between two big rivers: Thi Vai River and Long Tau River. This is also the logistical area of the 10th Sacrifice Mission in the old days. Due to the geographic return, the life here is extremely difficult. The poor islanders are still dependent on fishing, salt-making, and tending.


Thach An from above

You can visit Thanh An Island at any time of the year, but avoid going on rainy days, as the boat to Thanh An is a wooden ship and is not suitable for the rainy season. You can get to Thanh An Island by cars, motorbikes, and buses. If you decide to travel by motorbike and car, you should go along Huynh Tan Phat road to Binh Khanh ferry. If you take the bus at Ben Thanh bus stop, you can get on the bus No. 20 to the last station that is Binh Khanh ferry. From this ferry, you will have to get in ships to Thanh An island and ships to Vung Tau sea. Pay attention to the ship scheduler as follows:

  • Ships from the mainland to the islands: 6h30, 9h00, 10h30, 12h00, 14h00, 17h00
  • Ships from the island to the mainland: 6h30, 7h30, 10h30, 12h, 14h, 17h

Ship-in-Thach An-hellovietnam

Ship in Thach An

Train ticket price is VND10,000 / visit. However, boat hours may vary depending on weather conditions, tides …

There are plenty of motorbikes on the pier, or you can park your car right in the supermarket next to the pier. In addition, if you wish, you can also send a motorbike to the island for easy exploration.

Since the island has not yet been exploited in tourism, there is no guesthouse or hotel on the island. Visitors come here mostly for the day. However, in recent times due to increasing number of visitors to the island, many households on the island have opened more popular room service.

Thanh An is not a famous tourist destination, there is no beautiful scenery that visitors have to dazzle but in return, this pristine island brings the feeling of peace, simplicity, the life of the villagers fishing gentle year round with a smile always blooming on the lips.

At present, the shops in Thanh An have more than before, most concentrated in the market near the commune committee and scattered along the main road through residential areas on the island. You can buy seafood directly from the fishermen at the new boat at the shore and then visit the people by processing or residents where visitors are staying thanks to buying seafood processing and very cheap. Seafood is not as rich as Can Gio, but it is all fresh because of the fresh catch, the price is quite cheap.

In addition to the seafood market, the island also sells snacks such as noodles, rice noodles, steamed bread, grilled chicken legs, skewers, grilled yellow fish, baked rolls, baked bananas, …

Not famous for the delicious food like Binh Ba or beautiful scenic beauty as many other islands, but Thanh An bring the beauty of a private island peaceful, suitable for those who want to find a The atmosphere is quiet, clean, away from the smoke and noise of the city, which is worthy to have a spot in the list of top places in South Vietnam.

Explore Halong in your own way


There are many places that you want to discover in your Vietnam tours.  However, it will be an interesting experience if you have a chance to discover the entertaining park in Halong. How is that possible? In this writing, you will find the best park in Halong to enjoy your time in Vietnam.

Royal International Park

Royal International Park is located along Bai Chay beach, from the Bai Chay Tourist Boat to the night market Ha Long. This is one of the outstanding recreational areas of Ha Long with an area of about 10 hectares. There are restaurants specializing in serving European dishes, restaurants specializing in Chinese dishes, Vietnamese rice restaurant with specialties seafood. Ideal place for your private tour in Vietnam, right?


Restaurant in Royal International Park

Various entertainment services include the artificial sand beach, refreshment center, swimming pool, etc. The park has bird garden, orchid garden, archery beach, boat shake strong emotions, ghost house, karaoke room, electronic car, art gallery, etc. The stage has an outdoor stage, water puppet show and ethnic music, museum …

The Bai Chay Tourist Boat Port is about 400 m away from Rieu Island – an attractive ecological tourist area in Vietnam private tour.

Here, you can visit ethnic dance and musical theater, where you will have the opportunity to enjoy the traditional songs and dances of Vietnam such as the Calligraphy, Katu dance, Champa dance, etc. Or you can go to water puppet theater that was built in the 12th century under the Ly dynasty. If you are interested in the Vietnam history, you can visit the museum, where displays antique collections of various dynasties such as Bat Trang pottery, Dong Son bronze drum, Cham Pa wood sculpture, etc.

Dragon park


Dragon  Run game

Dragon Park is the largest theme park in Southeast Asia and the second largest item in the Sun World. Ha Long Park – the entertainment brand of Sun Group has officially come into operation after Cable The Queen has hit two Guinness World Records and the Great Sun Rays have been launched since June 2016. This is also the first park in Asia managed by the Parques Reunidos Group (Spain) – a reputable brand, has established itself as a world leader with over 60 well-known parks in 14 countries. All games at Dragon Park are imported from Europe based on the strict standards of the TUV (Technischer Überwachungsverein) – the German Association for Quality Assurance, under the supervision of experienced experts from Europe.

Produced in limited quantities worldwide by B & M, Dragon Spirit is a world-class adventure game that gives players a sense of suspense. This is not a game for the weak-heart person. You have to be brave to face the fear of the feeling of flying in the sky and immediately go down to the land.


Dragon Park from above

A little bit more adventurous, but equally adventurous compared to Fast Dragon, where you can feel the freedom to fly around the magic swirls. Although not the most adventurous game in Dragon Park it is challenging to cause many people who afraid of speeding games.

The Mystery Journey is also a roller coaster that makes you scream because you may be fear and feel happy at the moments of playing as you will plunge down from the air during a mysterious ruin exploration journey.

After the adventure to the extreme emotions, you will have a chance to enjoy the romantic moment drifting on the romantic river with a tropical yacht, to watch the clouds and clouds of trees and peaceful bushes in your Vietnam private tour.

Dragon Park is very generous with people who want to get a ticket for their childhood as it is equipped with many modern games appealing not only attractive to the little.

Splashing on the back of the lovely animals with a giant two-tiered gyroscope system in the magnificent space of light and music. Many children have demanded further play when the rotation stopped. Even the girls who have gone through childhood have enjoyed the first two-story “Merry Miracle” in Vietnam. The ultra-modern supercar with exciting touches brings a sense of excitement to groups of friends and family.

These two unique destinations will surely bring you the best time in your travel to Vietnam.

Vietnam tailor made tour in 5 days


Nature always has the mystery to challenge people to explore, discover and experience, Vietnam islands too. If you are planning a tailor-made tour in Vietnam for 5 days, do not forget the following suggestions:

Tuan Chau islet- Quang Ninh province

Tuan Chau is known as the “golden spot” for the northern sea tourism, 160km from Hanoi with great scenery, long stretches of white and smooth sandy.

From the end of April to October, the weather is cool, pleasant and suitable for tourism especially swimming, this is considered as an ideal time to travel Tuan Chau.


Tuan Chau island

From Hanoi, you catch the bus to Bai Chay. From Bai Chay with a small road linking Bai Chay to Tuan Chau, you can rent motorbike or taxi for the convenience and safety to go to Tuan Chau Island.

If you travel Tuan Chau from Ho Chi Minh City you should land at Cat Bi airport then move to Tuan Chau Island.

Tuan Chau island resort has an area of 220ha, built by gentle hills. There is a concrete road about 2km long connecting the island to the mainland. From the entrance gate you will pass through a hilly area with villas with infrastructure of international standards.


Resort in Tuan Chau island

The next is a culinary street with five restaurants and roundhouses designed in the beautiful royal architecture can serve over 1,000 guests with Europe, Asia, and ethnic dishes made by famous foreign and domestic chefs. In the center area, visitors will be overwhelmed by dolphin, lion and seal performing clubs transformed modernly and uniquely.


Water sports in Tuan Chau

In Tuan Chau Island, visitors can take part in many water sports activities such as high-speed jet skiing, windsurfing, fishing in Ha Long sea ; rowing; touring Ha Long Bay by ballon or climbing, camping.

Nam Du island- Kien Giang province

In your Vietnam tailor made tour, you should travel in the dry season from December to March every year. The most beautiful weather is in the range from January to March because the sea is quite calm. The seasick will also be reduced.

Nam Du-island-helloVietnam

Nam Du island

After reaching Rach Gia – Kien Giang, you can take a speed boat  to go to the Nam Du island of (about 2 hours).

To explore the islands around Hon Lon (Lon islet) and visit some beautiful places, you should hire boats to move. There is some boat for rent. (if you can not rent you can go to the pier, find any fishing boats of the locals, bargain the price and places to go).You can rent motorbikes in the boarding house area for about 150,000 – 200,000 per day.

These days, there are diverse types of hostels and even homestay, you can also set up the camping tents right on the beach on the island.

Where to go in Vietnam? It’s Nam Du. Nam Du is a pristine island with 21 large and small islands cleverly arranged. The largest island is Nam Du Island with a height of over 300m. Nam Du Island has many small islands and beautiful beaches with clear water all year.

  • Men islet

Nam Du-island-helloVietnam

Men island

It is a beautiful bay in the Gulf of Thailand. Men islet is considered as the most beautiful beach in the Nam Du island. The green coconut tree rows are up to 70 – 80 years old. You can dive to catch squid or view colorful coral.

  • Nam Du Lighthouse


Nam Du lighthouse

Nam Du lighthouse is located on the top of Hon Lon in An Son commune. This is considered as the highest lighthouse in Vietnam thanks to location on the 300-meter hill above sea level.

  • Dau islet (Hòn Dầu)

Hon Dau is relatively large compared to other islands because it contains primary forest occupying about 90% of the area. There are many coral reefs on the shore. The sea is clear and clean.

There are some gentle coconut trees facing the sea, you can lie on it and take a nap in the cool breeze.

Nam Du is also a seafood paradise with a variety of dishes such as:

  • Nhum (cầu gai) ( sea urchin):


Nhum dish

  • Grilled scallop with onion: Scallop is a must-try dish when going to Nam Du. With white meat, not sickly, not tough, it’s suitable for baking or steaming.


Grilled scallop with onion

  • Baby squid: Baby squid is popular seafood on the beach, baby squid is not only delicious but also very nutritious.

Four- islet tour in Nha Trang

Nha Trang is one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. There are 19 large and small islands with hundreds of pristine beautiful beaches. Among them, 14 islands are being exploited for tourism development.

Conquering all these islands is the wish of many visitors. Four- islet tour of Nha Trang, a journey to return to the sea and sky, wild nature, splendid corals and hundreds of attractive seafood … will help you make your dream come true.

  • Mun islet (Hòn Mun):

Only about 1.2 km2 but Hon Mun contains many wonderful things. This is a very rich marine ecosystem with more than 1500 species of hard, soft coral and marine.

Hon Mun

  • Mot islet (Hòn Một)

Hon Mot – A small fruit orchard in the middle of the ocean. Hon Mot has surprised many first- time visitors thanks to a small island (less than 1 km2) but it has a beautiful beach, a peaceful fishing village and fruit orchard which is no less than Southern Vietnam.

This is also the only sea area of Vietnam that can develop both aquaculture and perennial industrial crops.

  • Tranh beach (Bãi Tranh)  

Tranh beach is one of the highlights of Nha Trang Bay with friendly nature closing to people – an interesting destination with unique games.


Tranh beach

With sand stretches wrapping around the island, set foot on the island, visitors will feel relaxed with natural scenery and cool air. On the island you are free to explore, dive or enjoy water sports.

  • Tri Nguyen Fish lake

Tri Nguyen fish lake is located on Bong Nguyen island, also known as Hon Mieu (Fish Island) in Nha Trang Bay, Nha Trang City, Khanh Hoa Province. The lake contains hundreds of rare and beautiful marine life as a living museum of the sea.

The visitors will see the open-cast lake containing a variety of fish such as tuna, mackerel … behind the cave is the giant squid or giant lobster with the weight up to 3kg

Let’s come and experience the beauty of Nha Trang islands in your Vietnam tailor made tour!

Vietnam off the beaten track tours and top things to do on Gam Ghi Island


Besides Phu Quoc Island, Gam Ghi Island is a flawless place for your Vietnam off the beaten track tours.

Where is Gam Ghi Island?


Odd shaped rocks gam ghi island

Gam Ghi Island, one of the untouched islands in Vietnam, has recently become famous to tourists all around the world. Perhaps, its long seashore, clear blue sea water, and green trees growing everywhere are the reasons why. Gam Ghi Island will be a perfect destination for your vacation this summer.

Located in the South side of An Thoi Town, Kien Giang Province, beside the Gulf of Thailand, Gam Ghi is one of the 17 small islands of Phu Quoc Islands. There are not many people living on it so the island is still undamaged and beautiful. For those who love the charm of the ocean and want to engage with nature, Gam Ghi will be a great option.

How to get there?

The only way to get to the island is renting a boat in An Thoi or Bai Sao Port. If you travel in groups, renting a large boat is the best idea to have a safe ride. It takes only about 20 to 30 minutes to arrive at the Island. Along the ride, you will be able to see the wonderful beauty of the ocean.

Where to stay?

Gam Ghi Island is considered a secret paradise, which is completely unexploited by the human. So there is no hotel or homestay here. In case you want to sleep on the island at night and return in the next morning, you can set up a camp or stay in some locals’ house. Otherwise, the only choice is to have fun on the island by day and return to An Thoi Port before 6 pm.

What makes the island so captivating?

There are many reasons why the trip to Gam Ghi Island can be your best tour in Vietnam. The first one is definitely the sea water, which is extremely blue and clear. Also, because the other islands around it make a perfect shield, you will only find small waves while taking sea-bathing. Therefore, the island is ideal for tourists who don’t know how to swim to have a pleasant time.


Coral reef gam ghi island

Gam Ghi beaches are more magnificent than ever with coral reefs. They surround the whole island and stay very close to the seashore. Because the island is one of the nature reserves of Phu Quoc Town, the coral reefs here are very thick. You can see them just by facing down the water surface.

Another thing which makes the island so special is the large and odd-shaped rocks. They appear in large numbers on beaches and under the water, making an impressive scenery. When the waves crash against them, churning the water to foam, the scene looks even more imposing. Due to the coral reefs and beaches, Gam Ghi Island is often considered a miniature of Bali in Vietnam.

Top things to do for your trip

There are not many entertaining activities on the island so you will have to be creative. One exciting suggestion is snorkeling to see the coral reefs. You will be stunned by the marine world as well. Although snorkeling is easy, it is recommended to have an instructor if you have never done it before. He will give you directions and help you in case anything happens.


Sea urchin Gam Ghi island

After a few swimming hours, you can borrow a fishing-rod from some fisherman and start fishing. That is how you have your lunch. If you travel to Vietnam with your friends, it will be the best seafood party that you can ever attend.

In case you travel with your boyfriend, girlfriend, or family, walking on the beach or sunbathing are some appropriate activities. Just lie on the beach, listen to the sound of trees and the ocean and all of your sorrows will disappear.

Some notifications for your Vietnam off the beaten track tours

  • Because Gam Ghi is not only an island but also a coral reserve, remember not to hit the coral reefs so hard or try to break them. They get only 1 centimeter longer every year so it is best to protect this masterpiece of Mother Nature. 
  • If you want to take part in a fishing tour, you have to make sure that you don’t have seasick.
  • You should go sightseeing only in tourist spots and avoid forbidden forests as well as places which are too remote and neglected.
  • Sea-bathing is a great thing to do. However, you should not swim too long or at the time when the sun is at its highest. It is easy to get sunstroke or catch a cold.

Have a tourist visa into Vietnam in the easiest way


Traveling to Vietnam is getting more and more popular in travelers’ eyes worldwide. Almost any type of topography and experiences can be found across the length of the country. However, how can you have an opportunity to try all of these kinds of Vietnam tours if not having a permission to enter the country? The post below will walk you through each step in details to obtain a single entry tourist visa into Vietnam.


A classic Vietnam

There are currently three ways to obtain a tourist visa into Vietnam updated in 2018:

Getting your visa done directly through Vietnamese Embassy or Vietnamese Consulate in your country of residence. In this case, as a tourist you are required to submit:

  • Entry permit form
  • Two photos (usually 4cm x 6cm or 3cm x 4cm)
  • Your original passport (at least six-month validation)

Processing duration: four or five working days.

Visa fee: varies based on different offices’ policies.

Getting your visa done online, which is commonly referred to as E-Visa. In this situation, you can choose to submit an online form by filling out a secure form requiring personal details such as name, passport number, arrival date and designate your preferred online payment method. After submitting, your application letter will be processed within five working days (or less depending on whether it is an urgent visa application or not). Then, you will be sent a pre-approved visa letter via email and required to print the PDF attached file and prepare two photos as mention above in section 1. Upon arrival, you are accordingly expected to fill in a simple form and present your passport, photos and printed E-Visa form along with an extra stamping fee.


Mekong Delta

Notwithstanding given the fact that what if after all these processes, your tourist visa application gets rejected without you giving a clue about it? If so, asking for a favor from charismatic Vietnam tour operators may be needed. You can choose to contact a visa agency in your homeland, yet Vietnamese locals always get to know their country inside out. Hence, I do recommend you to consider a help from these operators and agencies and all you need to do is packing your bags and wait until the day your start exploring this tropical East Asian country. In addition, you may be able to scan through their list of available Vietnam tours and get the whole packages ready-made beforehand.


Save more time to fully explore Vietnam

This type of visa is known to as Visa On Arrival, or VOA. All you are expected to do is handing to these travel agencies an archive of documents. On arriving at Vietnam international gateways or airports, such as Nội Bài in Hanoi, Tân Sơn Nhất in Saigon or Đà Nẵng Airport, you just need a stamp and that is everything.

Required documents and details handed to Vietnam travel agencies include:

  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Nationality
  • Occupation
  • Passport number
  • Arrival and departure dates

In case you are an overseas Vietnamese, you may need to provide some extra information as stated below:

  • Year, reason and transportation upon your Vietnam’s emigration.
  • Contact information of your Vietnamese relatives in Vietnam.

Vietnam tour operators will then hand you back the approved letter from Vietnam Immigration Department. As said, after arriving at any International airport, you will get a stamp on your original passport by providing the available approved letter, two photos (4cm x 6cm) taken within the latest six months and a stamping fee in cash.


Tân Sơn Nhất Aiport panorama

From then on, you can embark your lovely time across the country without worrying about any further issues arising. Seeking for a help from a local Vietnam travel agency provides you not only a deep insight about need-to-know terms and policies regarding the country’s immigration department but also an advice and assistance on typical questions such as accommodation, destinations, and activities. After entering the country, do not hesitate to reach out the best Vietnam travel guides in order to fully taste and feel Vietnam in the most authentic and local way.

Experience the first sunlight in Vietnam


From the crossroads of historic Vung Ro, take a motorbike driver to get to Mui Dien or you can call Dai Lanh lighthouse. This is recognized as the easternmost point of Vietnam. Due to the higher terrain, Mui Dien is also considered as the first place to receive the first sunlight of Vietnam. So that it deserves to be one of the top must-go destinations  in Vietnam.


Panoramic view of Dai Lanh lighthouse

1/The ideal time

The weather in the easternmost is the same as Khanh Hoa province with two seasons: the rainy season and the sunny season. The rainy season lasts from September to December, from January to August is the dry season. If possible, you should arrange the time to conquer the easternmost at the beginning of the year (from January to May). At this time the weather is cool, no rain so it will not make you too tired or hard for walking.

2/ Things need to be prepared for tourist of Vietnam all-inclusive packages

  • Tents, sleeping bags, knives, flashlights, lighters (if you camp overnight at the beach).
  • Food, water. Each person needs at least 2 liters (daytime) or 3 liters (overnight).
  • Sports shoes, trousers, sun visors, wide-brimmed hat, sunscreen
  • Medicines and medical devices, mosquito repellants, insect repellent.
  • Electronic devices (phones, GPS monitors, cameras) and extra batteries if you want to stay in the Easternmost.

3/ Accommodation

For an interesting trip, you should spend at least 2 days. The night before, you can stay right at Dam Mon (this place only a single guest house). If you come in groups, you can have a BBQ party on the beach and early the next morning to move to the easternmost point, picking up the first rays of sunlight on the land of Vietnam.


You should not forget to bring tents to sleep

4/ Journey to conquer Easternmost

From the foot of the lighthouse, you have to walk more than 1km to get the place in the Vietnam all-inclusive packages. The path leads up to the lighthouse with its crooked stone steps and white fence make the tourist feel the peacefully of listening to the waves of the sea.

Dai Lanh Cape is a tributary of the Truong Son range that pierces the sea. The border guards here said that, a few years ago, before the asphalt road leading to the lighthouse, here is completely isolated with residential areas, want to go to the market also have to walk 16 km, so a week they only go to the market once.


The Easternmost of Vietnam

The electricity must run by the electric machine and light up only about 2 hours a day because the transportation of oil is very difficult. Weekly, the water must buy under the lighthouse, then they self-carry them up the hill or hire the workers.

5/ The best place to watch the sunrise

Visitors usually come to the lighthouse of Dai Lanh to see the sunrise. But according to the local people here, the most beautiful spot is on the mountain slope to the left, just go along Route 29 will see a wide range without trees obscured sight. From there, we can see the light of the lighthouse of Dai Lanh lighthouse in the night sky, below the many fishing boats of fishermen catching in the soon morning, sparkling like white spots from far away.

At 4 am, the moon is still a crescent-shaped hanging overhead. At the horizon of the east, amidst the area of rosy light, the clouds get together into strange shapes. The sun has not risen yet, fishing boats are on the way to come back to the village. There is no picture more peaceful than that.

In the calm morning, only the winds rustle the leaves of the forest and the sea waves mingled into Bai Mon Beach, creating an interesting nature symphony that tourists can easily immerse. The dawn is about 5 minutes, then the red sun slowly rising out of the sea.


Enjoy sunrise moment in Dai Lanh

Dawn is the start of a new day, the first rays of the sun symbolize the new beginning. This trip is purely for travel purposes, it is also a stress reliever after a period of “running” with daily life. Standing in front of the dawn sunlit beyond, your soul as washed away the worries. All the space was the sound of the wind, there is no the noises of the road, no smoke, no motorcycles, absolutely quiet. Taking a deep breath, the fresh feeling of freshness pervades both the outer and inner spirits. This will be an amazing experience for tourists who travel to Vietnam.

Guide to Cat Ba Island from Hanoi


Planning a trip to Lan Ha Bay or Cat Ba National Park? Let catbaisland help you with the information on guide to Cat Ba from Hanoi below.

Go directly from Hanoi to Cat Ba Island

Cai Beo Village

Cai Beo Village, Cat Ba Island (Source: Internet)

Cat Ba Island is the home to Lan Ha Bay, the Ha Long Bay in small scale, and Cat Ba National Park, a favorite destination for many trekkers. These are the top places to visit in the North Vietnam. The only way to get to the island is by boat. If your starting point is Hanoi, the best tips when traveling to Cat Ba is to purchase the whole trip, including both bus and boat fare. First, you hop on a bus to Hai Phong City, this trip takes about 2.5 to 3 hours, followed by a minibus to Dinh Vu Port, then you will have 40 minutes on a hydrofoil to Cai Vieng harbor, take another bus and you are at Cat Ba Town. One such ticket costs around 250.000 VND; you can purchase it at Luong Yen Bus Station on the day of departure.

Ferry to Cat Ba island

The ferry to Cat Ba (Source: Internet)

Hoang Long is the main operator that service Ha Noi-Cat Ba route. Their buses leave at 5.20, 7.20 and 11.20 and return from Cat Ba town at 7.15 a.m. 9.15 a.m, 1.15 p.m and 3.15 p.m from May to September. Between October and April, the bus departs in Ha Noi at 7.20 a.m and 11.20 a.m.

For the return trip, most hotels and tour operators in Cat Ba can help you book the same bus-boat-bus ticket at similar price. The buses run from 6.00 to 16.00.

Stopover at Ha Long Bay

Halong Bay

Ha Long Bay (Source: Internet)

This route is suitable for those who want to include Ha Long Bay in their trip. Take a bus to Tuan Chau, and then take a 45-minute ferry to Gia Luan pier. The ticket is around 80.000 VND (100.000 VND with a motorbike). From the pier, there are two options; one is to take the bus that usually shows upon the ferry arrival; the other one is taxi. From May to September, the ferry leaves at 7.30, 9.00, 11.30, 13.30 and 15.00 and return at 9.00, 11.30, 13.00, 15.00, and 16.00.

Another option is to book a tourist boat from Ha Long City. You cannot purchase such ticket at Bai Chay Pier so the only choice is to go for a tour operator. The price ranges from $18 to $25, including the fee to enter the bay. Be sure to check the schedule carefully since the boat might stop at some spots on the way for kayaking and sightseeing. Such trip can take up to 6.5 hours.

There are several and affordable ways to reach Cat Ba Island from Hanoi. If you find any other options, please let catbaisland know by leaving comments.