The most excellent Vietnam tailor-made tours to Halong and Cat Ba


Vietnam has always been a charming destination for international travelers. Our Vietnam tailor-made tours today will give you some good suggestions for the upcoming vacation.

Day 1: Hanoi – Ha Long Bay

Morning: Hitting the road and checking in the hotel

Ha Long Bay

Ha Long Bay

It does not take much time to go from Hanoi to Halong Bay City because there are only about 170 kilometers. Hence, your Halong Bay tour can start anytime. You can wake up a little early and get the first coach of the day

Traveling by coach will take 3-4 hours to get to Halong Bay. My Dinh or Luong Yen Station are ideal places to start from. Buying a ticket will cost 100,000 to 200,000 dongs ($4.39-$8.77) so prepare yourself.

In case you use your private vehicles, such as a car or motorcycle, you will have to drive within only 2-3 hours to arrive at Halong Bay at noon. It is much more convenient than a coach but you will need to be completely wide awake for driving.

Hotels in Halong Bay are easy to find and Google Maps will be your best friend in this situation. If you have a reservation beforehand, there is no need to worry about checking-in.

Some nice and good-price accommodation in Halong Bay:

  • Banana and Rose Homestay: 950,000 dongs/night/room ($41.68)
  • Halong Ginger Homestay: 200,000 – 500,000 dongs/night/room ($8.77-$21.94)
  • Momento Halong: 200,000 – 800,000 dongs/night/room ($8.77 – $35.10)
  • Ruby Halong Homestay: 100,000 – 360,000 dongs/night/room ($4.39 – $15.79)

Afternoon: Enjoying the ocean waves

Sea-bathing is just one of many interesting activities in Halong Bay City. Besides having limestone-mountains recognized as a World Natural Heritage, the city is famous for large amusement parks and malls. And these are often the main places of interest for tourists while visiting the city.

Sun World Halong Park will be perfect if you like something eventful. There are over 30 leisure games for you to kill your time and it takes 300,000 dongs ($13.16) to play all of them. In case you like shopping, Halong Marine Plaza or Bai Chay Mall are the most appropriate places.

You can find all types of goods and products suitable for a wide range of age there. Especially, seafood sold in Bai Chay Mall is incredibly fresh and reasonable-priced.

After a long day hanging around, dipping your feet into the sea water is the best feeling. Bai Chay Beach, whose sea water is fresh and warm, will satisfy you. 5 pm seems to be an ideal time because you will get to see the sunset and the beach is also less crowded at that time.

Evening: Taking advantage of the quiet time

Although Halong Bay is eventful by day, it looks a bit quiet by night. The streets are less crowded and you can even listen to the sound of the waves if you stay in a hotel by the sea. This is often the lazy time of the day. In case staying in the hotel room is too boring, taking a night cuttlefish-fishing-tour will be a nice idea.

Paying about 300,000 – 500,000 dongs/person ($13.16 – $21.94), you will have the most exciting time ever. Just lay the bait and have a little patience. Cuttlefishes will follow the lights on your boat and swallow the bait. Some even sprinkle water while being lifted up. This small tour will be a whole new experience for both of you and your family.

Day 2: Ha Long Bay – Cat Ba Island

Morning: Quang Ninh Museum is a great choice

Cat Ba beach

Cat Ba beach

You will spend the morning of the second day in Ha Long Bay so Quang Ninh Museum will be a perfect fit. In many people’s mind, museums are unexciting places and often not on the list of Vietnam tours. However, Quang Ninh Museum is completely different.

It is a unique construction of art, inspired by the exclusive mineral of Quang Ninh, coal. That is why the museum does not look like typical ones. It has three stories in total, revealing the most basic traits about Quang Ninh Province according to time and space order.

The museum is opened from 8 am to 5 pm on weekdays except for Monday. You will have to pay only 30,000 dongs/person ($1.32) and it is reduced a half if you bring your valid student card. It is going to take 1-2 hours to finish visiting the museum. Thus, you should start no later than 8 am in order to pack your things for the trip to Cat Ba Island.

Afternoon: On the way to Cat Ba Island and checking in the hotel

If you travel by private vehicle, you can take a ferryboat from Tuan Chau Island to Cat Ba Island. The last one leaves the port at 3 pm so make sure to come on time. One thing to note is that the number of tourists from Halong Bay to Cat Ba Island is usually very high. Therefore, it is recommended for you to come early to buy tickets. It takes 60,000 – 360,000 dongs/ride ($2.63 – $15.79) depending on what vehicle you use.

Another way for you to travel to the island is by paying to have a boat ride. It means that you will go with other travelers. Instead of booking an entire tour like them, you just have to pay 170,000 dongs ($7.46) for the boat ride. A disadvantage of this means of transportation is that there is only one boat leaving the port in a day.

Hence, you should contact some travel agency first and get to the port which has been fixed for you 10-15 minutes before the boat sails away. It is going to take only over 1 hour to arrive at Cat Ba Island.

You will have a great number of options for an accommodation while visiting the island. These are some of the best ones for you to reserve:

  • Central Backpackers Hostel: 100,000 – 300,000 dongs/night/room ($4.39 – $13.16)
  • Hai Son Hotel: 160,000 – 380,000 dongs/night/room ($7.02 – $16.67)
  • Cat Ba Family Hostel: 400,000 dongs/night/room ($17.55)

Evening: Watching the sunset and walking along the beach

Sunset in cat ba

Sunset in cat ba

Sunset is always extremely romantic, especially on Cat Ba Island. After checking in the hotel, you can take some rest or go sea-bathing before heading to Canon Fort to watch the sunset. Standing on it, you will be able to see the whole Cat Ba Town from above.

The moment that the golden light starts fading in the horizon, leaving the sun only a little dot in the sky will probably be one of the most magnificent scenes that you have ever witnessed.

While activities during the day are quite ebullient, nightlife on Cat Ba Island is not so unusual. Therefore, besides bars and pubs, walking along the beach is something that you will love. Otherwise, you can rent a bike or tandem and have a tour around the town. The peaceful atmosphere will make you fall in love with this beautiful island.

Day 3: Cat Ba Island – Hanoi

Morning: Kayaking to see marine life

If you come to the island without trying a kayak tour, you are missing a fascinating experience while traveling to Vietnam. The kayak can take you everywhere you want, from Monkey Island to Lan Ha Bay. The feeling of being by yourself in the ocean is definitely both fearful and enjoyable. 

Renting a kayak takes about 200,000 – 300,000 dongs ($8.77 – $13.16) and you can ride it as long as you want. Also, the price is going to be lower and it is much safer if you travel in groups. So finding some other travelers who want to kayak like you will be an excellent idea. Remember to borrow a waterproof bag from the kayak owner and put on a life jacket to protect yourself.

That is everything for Vietnam tailor-made tours. We hope that you will have the best trip after this. 

Indulge In Vietnam Off The Beaten Track Tours


Over the past few decades, Vietnam has witnessed an amazing increase in the number of foreign visitors, reaching over 6 million each year. According to many travel charts, beside some famous sites like Ho Chi Minh, Hanoi, Ha Long Bay, Vietnam is well-known for some hidden breathtaking mountain ranges and uninhabited islands.

The following are some stunning passes in Vietnam that will fascinate every heart of travelers.

O Quy Ho pass

O Quy Ho pass

O Quy Ho pass

Our first recommendation of Vietnam off the beaten track tours is O Quy Ho pass. O Quy Ho pass ranks one of the four most grandiose passes in the northwestern region, keeping a record of the longest mountain pass in Vietnam with the length of around 50km. The pass runs through Hoang Lien Son range, connecting Lao Cai and Lai Chau province. The name “O Quy Ho” is associated with a local folk story, dating back thousands of years ago. Once upon a time, there was a couple living in this area. Their love was strong and beautiful, but they could not get married. After that the girl died of a serious disease, turning into a phoenix bird. Day by day, at twilight, the bird sang “O Quy Ho, O Quy Ho”, echoing through the forest. Locals have named the pass after the cry of the phoenix to remember the legendary love of the couple.

Favored by mother nature, O Quy Ho pass would give tourists interesting experiences of beholding majestic scenery while driving on the road which is full of perilous obstacles. Drivers must be brave and conscious to conquer this precarious mountain passageway. Once you get on this pass, you would never forget rough edges, lush rice paddies, endless supplies of flowers, cool weather, crystal-clear sky and colorful traditional outfits of the local ethnic minorities.

Hai Van pass

An amazing ride on Hai Van pass is a must do for those who want to fully experience a tour with venture in Vietnam. Hai Van pass is in the center of Vietnam, which means it forms a boundary separating the North and the South of Vietnam. Hai Van pass, also called Ai Van pass, is located on Highway 1 on the border between Thua Thien – Hue province and Da Nang city, with a length of 21 kilometers. As the highest pass in Vietnam (496m above sea level) with grandiose vistas, Hai Van has been considered as one of the most beautiful and spectacular views of coastal Vietnam.

Hai Van pass

Hai Van pass

There is no denying that you will want to get a motorbike in a good condition and experience not only the amazing feeling of passing through the gigantic clouds but the fear of dangerous bends of the road. If luck smiles at you, you are able to see both the North and the South. Hai Van pass is always considered as a facsinating sight to exploit and enjoy the pristine natural beauty that you will never forget if you have a chance to set your foot here once on your Vietnam off the beaten track tours.

Ngoan Muc pass

This cool pine-covered pass is never out of the list of top Vietnam off the beaten track tours. Ngoan Muc pass, or Song Pha pass is 18.5 km long, running along the mountain ridge, connecting the Ninh Son valley and Langbiang Plateau. This is the gateway linking the Central Highlands provinces and the Central Coast. With the height of 980m above the sea level, Ngoan Muc pass is the highest pass in the south of Vietnam.

Ngoan Muc pass

Ngoan Muc pass

Ngoan Muc pass always wins the heart of every traveller, inbound or outbound tourists in their Vietnam adventure tours. Ngoan Muc pass acquires a reputation for sudden curves and blind corners, challenging drivers’ skills. Therefore, it is not a good idea if you want to put the pedal to the metal. The ideal time to drive on Ngoan muc pass is during the dry season, from around April to October. During that time, you may have a full view of the splendid natural landscape without being hidden by white clouds. Coming to Ngoan Muc pass, your breath will be taken away by dense clouds and boundless forests.

The most romantic destinations for Vietnam honeymoon tours


The honeymoon is a special gift of the couples for the most meaningful start. Why don’t you enjoy the sweet happiness feeling along with your lover during Vietnam honeymoon tours? Here are the spots on which you cannot be ignored when seeking a honeymoon vacation.

Sapa – Lao Cai, the top choice for the honeymoon vacation

Amazing scenery and unique culture in Sapa is an attractive point for young couples to mark the sweet memories of the honeymoon. No need to introduce the beauty and culture at here. Because everyone must have heard about the impressive image of the Northwest – the fog land. You can go through the beautiful scenery and combine with the mountain specialties. Certainly, you and mate cannot miss an occasion to take the impressive photo to show off your later children.

The romantic scene of Sapa

The romantic scene of Sapa make an ideal spot for honeymoon tour

As a well-known tourist destination for honeymoon in Vietnam, the services at here are also full, so don’t worry about hotel or transportation. However, in order to enjoy all of the beauty of Sapa, you should choose the 4-star or 5-star hotel as Victoria Sapa, Topas Eco, … for relaxation.

The places cannot miss when coming to Sapa such as Ham Rong Mountain, Muong Hoa Valley, majestic Bac Falls, Tien Cave, Troi Gate, Cat Cat Village, Ta Phin Village, the unique architecture of Hoang A Tuong palace, …

Da Lat – the romantic city for Vietnam honeymoon tours

Dalat – the land of thousands of flowers, love paradise, … all of the most romantic is belong to Dalat. The famous site for couples to love each other as well as honeymoon couples. Da Lat always leaves the warmth for anyone to come here.

The lyrical prettiness of pine forest in Da Lat City

The lyrical prettiness of pine forest in Da Lat City

The most beautiful time when coming to Da Lat is from September to November yearly.At this time, Dalat full of the colors of the flower fields. Along with all of the colors, the coldness of the weather, the warm and romantic atmosphere of the couple. Walking on the quiet streets of the jungle, breathe the fresh air of the plateau or hand in hand to walk on the quiet pine forests. Sure that you will not regret to travel to Da Lat in your Vietnam honeymoon tour.

Come to Dalat, do not ignore the unique dishes, the fresh fruits such as baked rolls, Chon coffee, wine, strawberries, roses, confectionery,…

Ha Long Bay

Sitting on a cruise on Ha Long sea to admire the romantic sea in the morning or mysterious, peaceful scene at the night is indeed wonderful moments with the new married couple.

Come to Ha Long, the couples can participate in trading activities in Hon Gai market, wandering in Ha Long night market, contemplate the sea from Bai Chay bridge.

If you have the opportunity to go to the bay and admire the sea, nothing is more wonderful than hand in hand with each other to breathe the fresh air.

A romantic candlelit night in Halong Bay

A romantic candlelit night in Halong Bay is suitable for newlywed couples

Visiting Ha Long in any season of the year, the couples also find the particular beauty of it. Especially, for newlywed couples who want to celebrate their loving moments on a luxury cruise. Besides, experience the beach holiday will definitely be an especially impressive thing in married life… That is why we would like to introduce to you this wonderful honeymoon location.

Phu Quoc – leaves the romantic moments of wedding season

Starting a new life with a voyage to Phu Quoc island. At here, you will be immersed in the life of the local people with green pepper garden, with the scent of the famous fish sauce of Phu Quoc brand. Wherever, at anytime

Honeymoon in Phu Quoc and take the happy moments with the lover

Honeymoon in Phu Quoc and take the happy moments with the lover

We cannot deny the beauty of Phu Quoc at night. Let’s hand in hand with your love and walk along the beach to hear the waves, the birds singing, … the scene is too romantic.

The unique destinations of Phu Quoc include Ha Tien, Ngoc island, Rach Gia, Nam Island, etc. Phu Quoc Island is full of the flavor of the sea, do not miss the featuring dishes when coming to this land such as fried squid, Phu Quoc mushroom,…

Top 3 places to go for your 5-day Vietnam tailor made tours


Never been to Northern Vietnam before? Vietnam tailor-made tours will help you fulfill your dream with a 5-day-trip in May to 3 most fascinating destinations. Let’s start!

1. Cat Ba Island

Cat Ba Island

Cat Ba Island

How to get there?

You should not miss Cat Ba Island when traveling to Vietnam in April and May. However, they are in tourist seasons so the island is often very crowded at weekends. If you want to enjoy a real holiday, visiting Cat Ba on weekdays will be the best option. There are many ways for you to get there, including by private vehicle, motor coach, or train.

If you take a private vehicle, you will need about 3 hours driving from Hanoi and 1 hour traveling on a ferry-boat. In case you use motor coaches, you should buy tickets Luong Yen Station, which take about 200,000 dongs/person ($8.78). Finally, if you choose to travel by train, you can go to Hai Phong City first and catch a high-speed boat later.

Where to go and what to do?

During 2 days staying on Cat Ba Island, you will definitely love sea-bathing the most. In fact, most travelers come to the island in summer for sea-bathing. Located about 1 kilometer from the city center, Cat Co 1 and 2 are the most attractive beaches. They have clear and extremely clean water.

Lan Ha Bay is also a destination that you should go when visiting Cat Ba Island. You will have a chance to see the famous Cai Beo fishing village, where over 200 residents are living on floating houses. It has been researched by numerous scientists in order to find out its long-term history.

In case you want to have something more relaxing, taking a trip to Monkey Island, Cat Ba National Park, or riding bicycles along the beach will be some great ideas.

2. Dien Bien Province

Dien Bien war remnants

Dien Bien war remnants

How to get there?

Dien Bien Province is always a familiar destination in tailor-made tours in Vietnam. Because you cannot get there from Cat Ba Island, getting on the earliest high-speed boat ride back to Hai Phong City, which starts at 6 am, is an optimal choice. Then, you can choose between motorcycles and motor coaches for your next journey.

Hai Phong City is about 450 kilometers far from Dien Bien Province so it will take about 6 hours if you travel by motor coach. And in case you rent a motorcycle, you are going to need 9 hours on the road. Both ways require you to drive along Highway 5 to get to Dien Bien.

Where to go and what to do?

If you have a great passion for Vietnam history, Dien Bien will be just a perfect spot for you to visit. Relating to the famous battle of Dien Bien Phu in 1954, Dien Bien Province today has become a favorite place of countless tourists in Vietnam.

The first destination that you should come right after you arrive in the city is Dien Bien Phu War Remnants. It is one of the historical relic complexes where the remnants of the Vietnam War against France still remain. The most prominent vestiges are Hill A1, C2, C1, D1, Isabel Entrenched Fortification, Beatrice Strongpoint, Independent Hill, and De Castries Bunker.

 Then, on the morning of the next day, you can join in a market day in Dien Bien. It carries the most exclusive cultural traits of citizens in mountainous areas. In market days in Tua Chua Town, you will not have to come across rude sellers inviting with insistence. Instead, the sellers here, who wear colorful traditional costumes, are extremely friendly and open.

3. Yen Bai Province

Yen Bai in may

Yen Bai in may

How to get there?

The last destination in this tour that can tell you where to go in Vietnam is Yen Bai Province. There is hardly any train or motor coach from Dien Bien to Yen Bai. So you have to use your private vehicles or book a motor coach ticket or a tour in advance.

If you have a private car or motorcycle, following Highway 32 through Mu Cang Chai Town is the best way to get to Yen Bai. On the other hand, if you want to travel by a motor coach, websites such as or will be the places that you need for booking tickets. 

Where to go and what to do?

There are two seasons in which Yen Bai looks the most magnificent. The first is from September to October when rice fields start ripening. And the second is from May to June when the locals begin farming their only crop in a year. At this time, the terraced fields are full of water, sparkling under the sun and making the most attractive scenery that you can see only once in a year.

That is one of the initial things which you can experience when visiting Yen Bai. For the best view, you should stand on Khau Pha Mountain Pass. Not only will it give you spectacular pictures of terraced fields but it will also allow you to observe impressive landscapes. In case you have some more time, don’t hesitate to visit Pu Nhu Waterfall, Thac Ba Lake, and villages.

They are the most beautiful destinations, recommended by tourists around the world. And they will make your Vietnam tailor made tours in 5 days more complete.

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