Experience the first sunlight in Vietnam

From the crossroads of historic Vung Ro, take a motorbike driver to get to Mui Dien or you can call Dai Lanh lighthouse. This is recognized as the easternmost point of Vietnam. Due to the higher terrain, Mui Dien is also considered as the first place to receive the first sunlight of Vietnam. So that it deserves to be one of the top must-go destinations  in Vietnam.


Panoramic view of Dai Lanh lighthouse

1/The ideal time

The weather in the easternmost is the same as Khanh Hoa province with two seasons: the rainy season and the sunny season. The rainy season lasts from September to December, from January to August is the dry season. If possible, you should arrange the time to conquer the easternmost at the beginning of the year (from January to May). At this time the weather is cool, no rain so it will not make you too tired or hard for walking.

2/ Things need to be prepared for tourist of Vietnam all-inclusive packages

  • Tents, sleeping bags, knives, flashlights, lighters (if you camp overnight at the beach).
  • Food, water. Each person needs at least 2 liters (daytime) or 3 liters (overnight).
  • Sports shoes, trousers, sun visors, wide-brimmed hat, sunscreen
  • Medicines and medical devices, mosquito repellants, insect repellent.
  • Electronic devices (phones, GPS monitors, cameras) and extra batteries if you want to stay in the Easternmost.

3/ Accommodation

For an interesting trip, you should spend at least 2 days. The night before, you can stay right at Dam Mon (this place only a single guest house). If you come in groups, you can have a BBQ party on the beach and early the next morning to move to the easternmost point, picking up the first rays of sunlight on the land of Vietnam.


You should not forget to bring tents to sleep

4/ Journey to conquer Easternmost

From the foot of the lighthouse, you have to walk more than 1km to get the place in the Vietnam all-inclusive packages. The path leads up to the lighthouse with its crooked stone steps and white fence make the tourist feel the peacefully of listening to the waves of the sea.

Dai Lanh Cape is a tributary of the Truong Son range that pierces the sea. The border guards here said that, a few years ago, before the asphalt road leading to the lighthouse, here is completely isolated with residential areas, want to go to the market also have to walk 16 km, so a week they only go to the market once.


The Easternmost of Vietnam

The electricity must run by the electric machine and light up only about 2 hours a day because the transportation of oil is very difficult. Weekly, the water must buy under the lighthouse, then they self-carry them up the hill or hire the workers.

5/ The best place to watch the sunrise

Visitors usually come to the lighthouse of Dai Lanh to see the sunrise. But according to the local people here, the most beautiful spot is on the mountain slope to the left, just go along Route 29 will see a wide range without trees obscured sight. From there, we can see the light of the lighthouse of Dai Lanh lighthouse in the night sky, below the many fishing boats of fishermen catching in the soon morning, sparkling like white spots from far away.

At 4 am, the moon is still a crescent-shaped hanging overhead. At the horizon of the east, amidst the area of rosy light, the clouds get together into strange shapes. The sun has not risen yet, fishing boats are on the way to come back to the village. There is no picture more peaceful than that.

In the calm morning, only the winds rustle the leaves of the forest and the sea waves mingled into Bai Mon Beach, creating an interesting nature symphony that tourists can easily immerse. The dawn is about 5 minutes, then the red sun slowly rising out of the sea.


Enjoy sunrise moment in Dai Lanh

Dawn is the start of a new day, the first rays of the sun symbolize the new beginning. This trip is purely for travel purposes, it is also a stress reliever after a period of “running” with daily life. Standing in front of the dawn sunlit beyond, your soul as washed away the worries. All the space was the sound of the wind, there is no the noises of the road, no smoke, no motorcycles, absolutely quiet. Taking a deep breath, the fresh feeling of freshness pervades both the outer and inner spirits. This will be an amazing experience for tourists who travel to Vietnam.