Have a tourist visa into Vietnam in the easiest way

Traveling to Vietnam is getting more and more popular in travelers’ eyes worldwide. Almost any type of topography and experiences can be found across the length of the country. However, how can you have an opportunity to try all of these kinds of Vietnam tours if not having a permission to enter the country? The post below will walk you through each step in details to obtain a single entry tourist visa into Vietnam.


A classic Vietnam

There are currently three ways to obtain a tourist visa into Vietnam updated in 2018:

Getting your visa done directly through Vietnamese Embassy or Vietnamese Consulate in your country of residence. In this case, as a tourist you are required to submit:

  • Entry permit form
  • Two photos (usually 4cm x 6cm or 3cm x 4cm)
  • Your original passport (at least six-month validation)

Processing duration: four or five working days.

Visa fee: varies based on different offices’ policies.

Getting your visa done online, which is commonly referred to as E-Visa. In this situation, you can choose to submit an online form by filling out a secure form requiring personal details such as name, passport number, arrival date and designate your preferred online payment method. After submitting, your application letter will be processed within five working days (or less depending on whether it is an urgent visa application or not). Then, you will be sent a pre-approved visa letter via email and required to print the PDF attached file and prepare two photos as mention above in section 1. Upon arrival, you are accordingly expected to fill in a simple form and present your passport, photos and printed E-Visa form along with an extra stamping fee.


Mekong Delta

Notwithstanding given the fact that what if after all these processes, your tourist visa application gets rejected without you giving a clue about it? If so, asking for a favor from charismatic Vietnam tour operators may be needed. You can choose to contact a visa agency in your homeland, yet Vietnamese locals always get to know their country inside out. Hence, I do recommend you to consider a help from these operators and agencies and all you need to do is packing your bags and wait until the day your start exploring this tropical East Asian country. In addition, you may be able to scan through their list of available Vietnam tours and get the whole packages ready-made beforehand.


Save more time to fully explore Vietnam

This type of visa is known to as Visa On Arrival, or VOA. All you are expected to do is handing to these travel agencies an archive of documents. On arriving at Vietnam international gateways or airports, such as Nội Bài in Hanoi, Tân Sơn Nhất in Saigon or Đà Nẵng Airport, you just need a stamp and that is everything.

Required documents and details handed to Vietnam travel agencies include:

  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Nationality
  • Occupation
  • Passport number
  • Arrival and departure dates

In case you are an overseas Vietnamese, you may need to provide some extra information as stated below:

  • Year, reason and transportation upon your Vietnam’s emigration.
  • Contact information of your Vietnamese relatives in Vietnam.

Vietnam tour operators will then hand you back the approved letter from Vietnam Immigration Department. As said, after arriving at any International airport, you will get a stamp on your original passport by providing the available approved letter, two photos (4cm x 6cm) taken within the latest six months and a stamping fee in cash.


Tân Sơn Nhất Aiport panorama

From then on, you can embark your lovely time across the country without worrying about any further issues arising. Seeking for a help from a local Vietnam travel agency provides you not only a deep insight about need-to-know terms and policies regarding the country’s immigration department but also an advice and assistance on typical questions such as accommodation, destinations, and activities. After entering the country, do not hesitate to reach out the best Vietnam travel guides in order to fully taste and feel Vietnam in the most authentic and local way.