How to have a wonderful South Vietnam group tours to Thach An Island?

Do you know that there is a beautiful island just 70 km to the east of Ho Chi Minh City? Thanh An island commune is completely separated from Can Gio and Ho Chi Minh City. This place must have a spot in the list of your South Vietnam group tours.

About 70 km to the east of Ho Chi Minh City, you can find one of the best destinations in South Vietnam – Thanh An Island, which is a hidden treasure of Saigon. It is an ideal destination for those who like simple rustic life. You can go there within one day as traveling does not take much time. Come here, you will discover a wild nature, peaceful life with the warm welcome of people in the fishing village, who are gentle, hospitable to guests. You can truly enjoy the special flavor of the sea.


Road in Thach An island

If you are wondering where to go in South Vietnam and why Thanh An is the best choice. Then you should know that Thanh An Island is a special island with an area of about 131 square kilometers with about 5,000 inhabitants. It is considered as the key gateway of Saigon – Gia Dinh in the past located between two big rivers: Thi Vai River and Long Tau River. This is also the logistical area of the 10th Sacrifice Mission in the old days. Due to the geographic return, the life here is extremely difficult. The poor islanders are still dependent on fishing, salt-making, and tending.


Thach An from above

You can visit Thanh An Island at any time of the year, but avoid going on rainy days, as the boat to Thanh An is a wooden ship and is not suitable for the rainy season. You can get to Thanh An Island by cars, motorbikes, and buses. If you decide to travel by motorbike and car, you should go along Huynh Tan Phat road to Binh Khanh ferry. If you take the bus at Ben Thanh bus stop, you can get on the bus No. 20 to the last station that is Binh Khanh ferry. From this ferry, you will have to get in ships to Thanh An island and ships to Vung Tau sea. Pay attention to the ship scheduler as follows:

  • Ships from the mainland to the islands: 6h30, 9h00, 10h30, 12h00, 14h00, 17h00
  • Ships from the island to the mainland: 6h30, 7h30, 10h30, 12h, 14h, 17h

Ship-in-Thach An-hellovietnam

Ship in Thach An

Train ticket price is VND10,000 / visit. However, boat hours may vary depending on weather conditions, tides …

There are plenty of motorbikes on the pier, or you can park your car right in the supermarket next to the pier. In addition, if you wish, you can also send a motorbike to the island for easy exploration.

Since the island has not yet been exploited in tourism, there is no guesthouse or hotel on the island. Visitors come here mostly for the day. However, in recent times due to increasing number of visitors to the island, many households on the island have opened more popular room service.

Thanh An is not a famous tourist destination, there is no beautiful scenery that visitors have to dazzle but in return, this pristine island brings the feeling of peace, simplicity, the life of the villagers fishing gentle year round with a smile always blooming on the lips.

At present, the shops in Thanh An have more than before, most concentrated in the market near the commune committee and scattered along the main road through residential areas on the island. You can buy seafood directly from the fishermen at the new boat at the shore and then visit the people by processing or residents where visitors are staying thanks to buying seafood processing and very cheap. Seafood is not as rich as Can Gio, but it is all fresh because of the fresh catch, the price is quite cheap.

In addition to the seafood market, the island also sells snacks such as noodles, rice noodles, steamed bread, grilled chicken legs, skewers, grilled yellow fish, baked rolls, baked bananas, …

Not famous for the delicious food like Binh Ba or beautiful scenic beauty as many other islands, but Thanh An bring the beauty of a private island peaceful, suitable for those who want to find a The atmosphere is quiet, clean, away from the smoke and noise of the city, which is worthy to have a spot in the list of top places in South Vietnam.