Participating in special holidays in Vietnam tours

Vietnam is well known as a cultural diversity land with a great number of renowned tourist must-see destinations. It is divided into three main regions which are the north, central, and south. One common point of them is having one warm spring that you can silently stare at just because of their natural beauty.

According to recent statistics, however, destinations in southern Vietnam are still the places that extremely attract too many tourists all over the world. Moreover, each one also forms its own specific traits because of depending on geographical location. Unlike these two others, for example, the South is closely called ‘provinces and cities are always busy', especially on holidays And, your trip would be definitely perfect if you decide to travel on spring days. These days are also the time that many travelers plan their tourist schedule and hit the road then. Selecting one of them such as Nha Trang, Dalat, Vung Tau, Da Nang, etc will not make you feel fall into an insipid mood.

Two rows of cherry blossom trees planted all along the track in Dalat

Two rows of cherry blossom trees planted all along the track in Dalat

The best time to travel Vietnam as well as having perfect springtime are the months from February to March. As luck will have it, you could enjoy special days in Vietnam, it means to be on Tet holiday while making the most of your journey. You could almost see local people prepare for coming special days by using stickers, ribbons and cooking some traditional foods. On such occasions, almost all the main roads leading to the city and province center will be strikingly decorated. As usual, the typical temperature of South Vietnam is often between 25 Celsius- 37 Celsius with the wind blowing breezily. You will have got itchy feet no longer. Taking advantages of this favorable point, tourists easily get more big chances of relaxing, even learning more about where they want to discover after being under of pressure. And if your favorite is to aim at cultural elements, you will not be disappointed but surprised. What possibly make them so special? There are simply many interestingly traditional activities that you have rarely heard before. 

A great number of ornamental trees

A great number of ornamental trees are sold everywhere near Tet

Is there anything fun to be worth taking a pleasure trip to one of these places mentioned above? Definitely yes, when you travel Vietnam at that time, all you can see are not daily spectacles, it's actually the picturesque view. Flowers are all you expect for a poetic trip with your spouses, Dalat will be the most suitable option. Or even with the criteria for another place more cooler, there can be nowhere to go and it's Vung Tau beach. Here may be quite many of tourists in but it's enough space for your activities. Besides going on a trip to learn and collecting souvenirs, you may have been curious to know where exactly those cultures come from. Something like ‘why so many people tend to go to the pagoda on Tet?' or ‘What if quarrel happens?'.

Vietnam's traditional cultures

Vietnam's traditional cultures that you can join by visiting and praying as the symbolic acts

It's not too hard to witness this culture while you are traveling Vietnam in the Spring

It's not too hard to witness this culture while you are traveling Vietnam in the Spring

In conclusion, tourist purposes are up to what or where you want to discover and that's how attractive your journey becomes.

This year's Lunar New Year holiday in Dinh Dau is 7 days long, the weather is quite favorable across the country, creating conditions for the people visiting Vietnam on Tet holiday.

It is the traditional Lunar New Year holidays, but the tourism industry is still "busy welcoming international visitors, bringing in domestic tourists" in the early days of the New Year. Not only that, the company has also prepared the festival tour, spiritual tourism source for domestic guests.