Vietnam off the beaten track tours in Cat Ba National Forest. Why not?


Do you want to try new things, challenge yourself with a trip to the jungle? Then a Vietnam off the beaten track tour to Cat Ba National Forest will be the top in your list of destination.

Cat Ba National Park is in Hai Phong including 366 islands of Lan Ha Bay, adjacent to Ha Long Bay. With a total area of 15,200 ha, Cat Ba National Park possesses an ideal natural environment for the development of many kinds of plants and animals. The park has been recognized by UNESCO as the biosphere reserve of the world. Here you can see countless limestone karst, or caves, waterfalls, streams flowing in the rainy season to the sea. Moreover, you can visit many non-touristy destinations in Vietnam here. Cat Ba National Park also attracts tourists by the values of human history. The archaeological sites found here suggest that humans may have lived in this area between 6000 and 7000 years ago.


Cat Ba National Park

Cat Ba National Park covers an area of 26,240 ha, including 17,040 ha of land and 9,200 ha of the sea surface. This is where the convergence of different ecosystems (HST): mangrove ecosystems, forest ecosystems on limestone mountains, marine ecosystems with coral reefs. There are a wide variety of flora and fauna, including 2,320 species of flora and fauna, of which 282 species live in the forest, 538 species of marine life, 196 species of marine fish, 771 species of terrestrial plants, 23 species Mangrove species, 75 species of seaweed, 177 species of coral, etc. Particularly, the Cat Ba archipelago contains up to 60 rare endemic species which are included in the Red Book of Vietnam such as White-headed langur, white-legged langur, black crown, black squirrel; plants have a priest, flowers, needles, honey. Especially, in the Trung Trang area, there is a forest, a kind of endemic species that grows into a group of tens of hectares in the middle of the garden. According to the recent survey, there are only 60 white-headed monkeys in Cat Ba – the only endemic species in our country and in the world. This place is a must go destination for your travel to Vietnam, right?

The first trekking route is about 100m long and the road is the most difficult with the stone steps. It’s usually good to be active in this activity. The sides of the mountain are dense woody forest, under the heel of the shoe is wet leaf cover.

After a long climbing over the slope, you can see in front you a vast water area, so call Frog pool. You can relax and enjoy the foggy sound at this place. Remember to bring food and drink lightweight convenient for travel. Hai Phong specialties can be a hint of a great lunch.


Frog Pond

After taking a moment to rest, you should take sometimes to explore Frog pool – a unique mountainous wetland in the North, a famous landscape of Cat Ba National Park. Frog Pond is about 4km from the forest gate and about 4km from Viet Hai fishing village. This pond is an area of 3.2 hectares, located halfway up the mountain at an altitude of 80 meters above sea level, the pond is rarely dry. From the bottom of the pond, reaching up to thousands of trees that cannot be found anywhere else. The tree is about 5 to 10 meters tall and grows on the water to a very beautiful and mysterious.

In the next trail to Viet Hai village, you will have to get over the limestone cliffs hidden under the thick forest canopy, the crooked crosses on the ground, the steep cliffs with narrow sloping slopes. This journey will challenge your health and toughness.

Over 8km through Cat Ba National Park, in front of you will be a small fishing village in Viet Hai. This land is a pan inside the surrounding mountains, to be here only or through the sea, landing Viet Hai port or climbing over the national forest as the last destination in your journey.


Cat Ba Beach

At the end of the journey, you can enjoy the special dishes such as fish salad waterfall, sour pink snapper, especially the comedy cooking on the charcoal stove smells scented. The attraction of Cat Ba is the sea. After a day of climbing or exploring caves, you are immensely immersed in the blue water, lying on the smooth white sand. This journey will be the most memorable Vietnam tracking tour for you.