Vietnam off the beaten track tours to Hoa Phu Thanh


Do you want to have Vietnam off the beaten track tours? Try to visit Hoa Phu Thanh in Danang to enjoy your time.

Hoa Phu Thanh Resort is located in Hoa Phu Commune, Hoa Vang District, Da Nang. This is a resort complex with a variety of sports activities and entertainment. Includes Rafting, Zipline, Fish Massage, Restaurants and Restaurants with traditional folk food. And it is considered the must-go destination in your Danang tours.


Hoa Phu Thanh waterfall

From Da Nang city, follow Ba Na – Truong Son road, then turn to DT604 (Prao road, Dong Giang) for 20 km, you can get to Hoa Phu Thanh. In fact, there are signs on your left-hand side.

 There is also a private guest house for the delegation (in the traditional style of the Co Tu house), especially the collective stilt house can accommodate more than 500 guests. In addition to the restaurant and overnight stay, you can take a day out with your picnic foods. The resort has an exclusive area for renting mats, private huts for groups of lunch breaks and catering establishments. Normally visitors will have fun and then have their self-sufficient lunch here.

The top things to do in Danang as well as the most attractive activity when coming to Hoa PhuThanh is a game of waterfall cascading by rubber boat, each boat has two people, equipped with protective gear. There are 2 shifts per day at 10 am and 2 pm. The preparation time for each shift is 30 minutes. You should arrange reasonable travel time to be able to arrive on time. The slide shows last about 45-60 minutes experience on the stream.


Waterfall cascading

Before joining the game you will change the swimsuit, you do not bring personal belongings, phone or wallet when the boat on the falls cascade. All personal belongings will be sent to the post office with surveillance camera system so you can assure that your things are safe.

After preparing your personal outfit, you will be provided with safety outfit, life jackets, helmets, and instructions on how to take part in the game to avoid any obstacles on how to play safely.

After completing the training, you will be transferred to the point of origin. There are 2 people on a canoe slide into the lake when everyone is ready, the staff will open the water to the stream and you start the 3km journey through the rapids with different heights.

You should note when joining a waterfall slide game that you should wear neat, preferably swimwear, bathing cloth.

If you want to take pictures with your phone you should carry water-resistant items. The resort has photo services, fee 5000 VND / 1 soft image by email or USB or a hard copy on demand.

In the process of participating in the game will have rescue teams will support when you have difficulty, most of you will be the main movement.

There is a bathroom where you just need to prepare: towels, clothes instead of playing

Children under 14 years old, who have neurological, cardiovascular, or stimulant use will not be permitted to participate.

With 2 safety cables for high security. Zipline here is quite fast because the 300m line has two stops and about creating a new feeling for the first time you play this game.

Currently, the official price is 50 thousand dongs/guest/slip.

Play this game is not difficult, you just need to wear full protective gear and check before you slip. You can play this game after the waterfall falls. To ensure the best you should follow the instructions of the technical staff.

Besides, you can try fish massage service. This service is not strange, because many resorts in Viet Nam and other Southeast Asian countries also have this service. Fish here is no teeth, using mouth to suck dead skin. It is also quite safe for visitors. If you have never tried it before, you can relax at leisure.


Fish massage

This is also an ideal resort for a picnic, you can go in one day. After participating in the games, you can have lunch here inbuilt huts. You can eat, sleep and relax. These shelters are located in an area known as Co Tien Village (name of a Co Tu village) in this area has been relocated to other places. The management has retained the traditional houses of Co Tu people so that visitors can understand more about the architecture and culture of the Co Tu. Rental rates from 200 thousand to one million dongs, depending on the area used corresponding to the number of people in the delegation.

This place recently has become Vietnam tourist attraction due to the unique services. Give it a try to make it your best memories.

Vietnam off the beaten track tours and top things to do on Gam Ghi Island


Besides Phu Quoc Island, Gam Ghi Island is a flawless place for your Vietnam off the beaten track tours.

Where is Gam Ghi Island?


Odd shaped rocks gam ghi island

Gam Ghi Island, one of the untouched islands in Vietnam, has recently become famous to tourists all around the world. Perhaps, its long seashore, clear blue sea water, and green trees growing everywhere are the reasons why. Gam Ghi Island will be a perfect destination for your vacation this summer.

Located in the South side of An Thoi Town, Kien Giang Province, beside the Gulf of Thailand, Gam Ghi is one of the 17 small islands of Phu Quoc Islands. There are not many people living on it so the island is still undamaged and beautiful. For those who love the charm of the ocean and want to engage with nature, Gam Ghi will be a great option.

How to get there?

The only way to get to the island is renting a boat in An Thoi or Bai Sao Port. If you travel in groups, renting a large boat is the best idea to have a safe ride. It takes only about 20 to 30 minutes to arrive at the Island. Along the ride, you will be able to see the wonderful beauty of the ocean.

Where to stay?

Gam Ghi Island is considered a secret paradise, which is completely unexploited by the human. So there is no hotel or homestay here. In case you want to sleep on the island at night and return in the next morning, you can set up a camp or stay in some locals’ house. Otherwise, the only choice is to have fun on the island by day and return to An Thoi Port before 6 pm.

What makes the island so captivating?

There are many reasons why the trip to Gam Ghi Island can be your best tour in Vietnam. The first one is definitely the sea water, which is extremely blue and clear. Also, because the other islands around it make a perfect shield, you will only find small waves while taking sea-bathing. Therefore, the island is ideal for tourists who don’t know how to swim to have a pleasant time.


Coral reef gam ghi island

Gam Ghi beaches are more magnificent than ever with coral reefs. They surround the whole island and stay very close to the seashore. Because the island is one of the nature reserves of Phu Quoc Town, the coral reefs here are very thick. You can see them just by facing down the water surface.

Another thing which makes the island so special is the large and odd-shaped rocks. They appear in large numbers on beaches and under the water, making an impressive scenery. When the waves crash against them, churning the water to foam, the scene looks even more imposing. Due to the coral reefs and beaches, Gam Ghi Island is often considered a miniature of Bali in Vietnam.

Top things to do for your trip

There are not many entertaining activities on the island so you will have to be creative. One exciting suggestion is snorkeling to see the coral reefs. You will be stunned by the marine world as well. Although snorkeling is easy, it is recommended to have an instructor if you have never done it before. He will give you directions and help you in case anything happens.


Sea urchin Gam Ghi island

After a few swimming hours, you can borrow a fishing-rod from some fisherman and start fishing. That is how you have your lunch. If you travel to Vietnam with your friends, it will be the best seafood party that you can ever attend.

In case you travel with your boyfriend, girlfriend, or family, walking on the beach or sunbathing are some appropriate activities. Just lie on the beach, listen to the sound of trees and the ocean and all of your sorrows will disappear.

Some notifications for your Vietnam off the beaten track tours

  • Because Gam Ghi is not only an island but also a coral reserve, remember not to hit the coral reefs so hard or try to break them. They get only 1 centimeter longer every year so it is best to protect this masterpiece of Mother Nature. 
  • If you want to take part in a fishing tour, you have to make sure that you don’t have seasick.
  • You should go sightseeing only in tourist spots and avoid forbidden forests as well as places which are too remote and neglected.
  • Sea-bathing is a great thing to do. However, you should not swim too long or at the time when the sun is at its highest. It is easy to get sunstroke or catch a cold.

Indulge In Vietnam Off The Beaten Track Tours


Over the past few decades, Vietnam has witnessed an amazing increase in the number of foreign visitors, reaching over 6 million each year. According to many travel charts, beside some famous sites like Ho Chi Minh, Hanoi, Ha Long Bay, Vietnam is well-known for some hidden breathtaking mountain ranges and uninhabited islands.

The following are some stunning passes in Vietnam that will fascinate every heart of travelers.

O Quy Ho pass

O Quy Ho pass

O Quy Ho pass

Our first recommendation of Vietnam off the beaten track tours is O Quy Ho pass. O Quy Ho pass ranks one of the four most grandiose passes in the northwestern region, keeping a record of the longest mountain pass in Vietnam with the length of around 50km. The pass runs through Hoang Lien Son range, connecting Lao Cai and Lai Chau province. The name “O Quy Ho” is associated with a local folk story, dating back thousands of years ago. Once upon a time, there was a couple living in this area. Their love was strong and beautiful, but they could not get married. After that the girl died of a serious disease, turning into a phoenix bird. Day by day, at twilight, the bird sang “O Quy Ho, O Quy Ho”, echoing through the forest. Locals have named the pass after the cry of the phoenix to remember the legendary love of the couple.

Favored by mother nature, O Quy Ho pass would give tourists interesting experiences of beholding majestic scenery while driving on the road which is full of perilous obstacles. Drivers must be brave and conscious to conquer this precarious mountain passageway. Once you get on this pass, you would never forget rough edges, lush rice paddies, endless supplies of flowers, cool weather, crystal-clear sky and colorful traditional outfits of the local ethnic minorities.

Hai Van pass

An amazing ride on Hai Van pass is a must do for those who want to fully experience a tour with venture in Vietnam. Hai Van pass is in the center of Vietnam, which means it forms a boundary separating the North and the South of Vietnam. Hai Van pass, also called Ai Van pass, is located on Highway 1 on the border between Thua Thien – Hue province and Da Nang city, with a length of 21 kilometers. As the highest pass in Vietnam (496m above sea level) with grandiose vistas, Hai Van has been considered as one of the most beautiful and spectacular views of coastal Vietnam.

Hai Van pass

Hai Van pass

There is no denying that you will want to get a motorbike in a good condition and experience not only the amazing feeling of passing through the gigantic clouds but the fear of dangerous bends of the road. If luck smiles at you, you are able to see both the North and the South. Hai Van pass is always considered as a facsinating sight to exploit and enjoy the pristine natural beauty that you will never forget if you have a chance to set your foot here once on your Vietnam off the beaten track tours.

Ngoan Muc pass

This cool pine-covered pass is never out of the list of top Vietnam off the beaten track tours. Ngoan Muc pass, or Song Pha pass is 18.5 km long, running along the mountain ridge, connecting the Ninh Son valley and Langbiang Plateau. This is the gateway linking the Central Highlands provinces and the Central Coast. With the height of 980m above the sea level, Ngoan Muc pass is the highest pass in the south of Vietnam.

Ngoan Muc pass

Ngoan Muc pass

Ngoan Muc pass always wins the heart of every traveller, inbound or outbound tourists in their Vietnam adventure tours. Ngoan Muc pass acquires a reputation for sudden curves and blind corners, challenging drivers’ skills. Therefore, it is not a good idea if you want to put the pedal to the metal. The ideal time to drive on Ngoan muc pass is during the dry season, from around April to October. During that time, you may have a full view of the splendid natural landscape without being hidden by white clouds. Coming to Ngoan Muc pass, your breath will be taken away by dense clouds and boundless forests.