Top must-do-things in Cat Ba Islands

If you are planning to pay a visit to Halong Bay, Vietnam, don’t forget to spare your time embracing the gorgeous natural beauty of Cat Ba, an attractive island within the area of Halong Bay that welcomes huge numbers of visitors every year.

In addition to the sheer beauty adorned by Mother Nature, Cat Ba islands have amazing activities on offer, a perfect spot to chill, relax and indulge in outside activities. Check out the list below for closer insights!

Check out Cannon Fort

Cannon Fort

The first must-do-thing in Cat Ba Islands to be recommended is to head out and reach the famous Cannon Fort – a breath-taking tourist destination lying on top the Cat Ba Island’s jungle-clad hill. You will definitely be amazed by the panorama views outlooking colorful tangles of fishing boats in the faraway harbor as well as the karst-punctuated sea beyond. More importantly, there is a lot of history buried here, at the Cannon Fort, such as the tunnels and gun emplacements. This is an ample opportunity for you all to learn something about Vietnam history!

Wander into the Hospital Cave

Hospital Cave

Taking a slow walk around the Hospital Cave is another interesting and meaningful thing you should do in Cat Ba Islands, especially for those who have a background in medicine. During the American War in Vietnam, Hospital Cave served both as a safe house for VC leaders and a secret, bomb-proof hospital. Since its construction in the 1963s, this incredibly well-built three-story feat of engineering, with 17 rooms inclusive of a huge natural cavern and an old operating theatre, was in constant use up until 1975.

Take a look at Butterfly Valley

Butterfly Valley

Butterfly Valley

There are not as many butterflies here as you would imagine but Butterfly Valley is surely a place of romance. If you are a nature lover, I bet you will love the stunning landscape around and fall even harder with the atmosphere here. It is absolutely peaceful and calm. What an ideal stop for relaxation! Although Butterfly Valley is a little way off and hard to reach, visitors flocks here every year to enjoy the amazing gift of nature. Bring your camera along to capture one of the most memorable moments with your loved ones!

Visit monkey island

monkey island

Last but not least, visit the surprising monkey island to fully enjoy Cat Ba travel. As can be referred from the name, this island has myriads of naughty, yet lovely monkeys. Your kids are bound to get excited looking and playing with those animated animals. However, watch out because the monkeys may steal your food sometimes! There is also a lot more at Monkey Island than just solely monkeys. A walk to the peak will not only enhance the bond with your companions but it also offers amazing views of Halong bay from above. Such a rewarding experience!

Suggested above are some must-do-things in Cat Ba Islands. Hopefully, that information will be useful in your coming vacation in Vietnam and don’t forget to share your wonderful experience with catbaisland.