Travelling with the one you love is a rewarding time when everything is done together. As it is a great opportunity to get closer to each other, couple tours have become popular worldwide. Many of them lead their ways to Vietnam – a country with romantic scenery and unique Eastern culture.

If you have a strong desire to get your couple tour boomed with ecstatic joy, going on a Cat Ba Island couple tour is not bad an idea!

Couple tour in Catba Island

Couple tour is getting more and more popular (Source: Internet)

I’m going to point out some vital criteria which should be taken into account to finalize the best plan of traveling.

How would a couple tour in Cat Ba Island be like?

Nestled in Halong Bay – a new Wonder of the World, Cat Ba Island holds a huge appeal for tourists. The island possesses spectacular landscapes and seascapes with dense tropical jungle, magnificent beaches, and majestic limestone caves. Cat Ba has also been recognized as a Word Biosphere Reserve thanks to its biodiversity. It is considered one of the best tourist attractions in Vietnam.

Cat Ba Island

Cat Ba is a perfect destination for honeymoon and couple tour (Source: Internet)

Having a Cat Ba Island Couple Tour, travelers will have a chance to get the best of the romantic landscape of the island. Discovering the beautiful beaches and climbing the rocks are definitely must-do activities for every Cat Ba Tour. There are many beautiful beaches on the island which are fascinating to explore such as Cat Co 1, Cat Co 2, and Cat Co 3. You can dive into the cool seawater and watch the colorful coral reefs. Also, it would be amazing to walk hand-in-hand with your lover in the white and softy seashore and watch the sunset together. Or you can choose to go aboard a cruise to spend your nights on the ocean to enjoy the fresh air and watch the romantic night sky.

Watching sunset on Lan Ha Bay

Watching the sunset on Lan Ha Bay is a romantic activity (Source: Internet)

Exploring the rainforest in Cat Ba Island is another interesting activity. You will walk through the dense jungle, come across streams, and see different types of flora and fauna of a tropic region. Couples may climb up rocky mountains and visit some marvelous limestone caves on the island as well. Not only does the cave look wonderful but the surroundings are also incredibly beautiful.

Kayaking on Lan Ha Bay

Kayaking on Lan Ha Bay (Source: Internet)

A special thing to do in Cat Ba is to go kayaking. Travelers can rent a couple kayak to visit the local floating fish farm, secluded beaches in Lan Ha Bay. Furthermore, they can use a kayak to pay a visit to some tunnel lagoons and discover the beauty of karst caves.

What makes Cat Ba Island Couple Tour more attractive is that the seascapes look extraordinarily marvelous in photos and videos. It is wonderful to record all the sweet moments of you and your lover in that fascinating destination.

What is the best time to travel to Cat Ba Vietnam?

Though everyone says summer is the best time of the year to go to the beach, I’d say autumn, which is from September to November in Vietnam, is the most suitable time. The weather in summer in tropical countries are extremely hot with a high percentage of humidity. Of course, it is great to go swimming but not so ideal for other activities. Also, a large number of visitors make their ways to the beaches in the summer so it would be a little bit unpleasant for those who want to enjoy a tranquil atmosphere. On the contrary, the weather from Sep. to Nov. is much more pleasant. Not too cold to swim, and not too hot to go to the jungle. And local visitors do not often visit the island in that season.

In winter, the temperature drops sharply, while it is very wet in spring. Hence, it is recommended that travelers should not pay a visit to the island in these seasons.

How to travel to Cat Ba?

Speed boat to Cat Ba

Speedboat to Cat Ba (Source: Internet)

You need to go to Hai Phong before getting aboard to Cat Ba Island. Some kinds of boats are available to choose and a high-speed boat is recommended. Speedboat from Binh Port in Hai Phong to Cat Ba Island is about VND 250,000 ($12). It takes only 45 minutes to reach the island, but the price is quite high.

Where to stay in Cat Ba?

Resort in Cat Ba

Resort in Cat Ba (Source: Internet)

The rapid development of tourism industry leads to the rise in the number of hostels and hotels built. The better the quality of the room is, the higher the price is. There are also resorts for visitors who want to get the best services.

Above are some notable things about couple tour in Cat Ba Island. Believe me, you will get unforgettable with your partner when having a trip to this island. Consider carefully and plan your trip right now! Share your moments with by leaving your comment!