If you haven’t made up your mind where to spend your coming holiday yet, Cat Ba Island of Vietnam would be an ideal option. Boasting a stunning oceanic beauty, Cat Ba Island is one of the main attractions across Vietnam that draws a huge number of visitors every year.

Below are some restaurants in Cat Ba to offer travelers a yummy, yet budget food experience. Follow for more details.

Bakery Family

A bread from Bakery Family

Banh Mi in Bakery Family (Source: Internet)

Bakery Family is a good choice to start your day. Located on the main boulevard, Bakery Family serves delegate and big filled baguettes, accompanied with fresh herbs, ham, cheese, egg, chicken or bacon, a must-visit restaurant for a hearty breakfast. Baguette costs VND 45,000 each, and totally worth it. Alongside baguette, you can also opt for sweet pastries, donuts, cakes or a cup of coffee that promise to give you all the energy needed for a new day.

Quan Cat Ba Family

Pho Bo

Pho Bo (Source: Internet)

Only a few steps from Bakery Family is Quan Cat Ba Family, a crowded, beautifully decorated restaurant. Offering scrumptious Pho at a reasonable price, (around VND 30,000 per one bowl), Quan Cat Ba Family is where myriads of both inbound and outbound visitors head for to savor that strong, yet delicate soup.

Buddha Belly (Buddha Garden)

Look delicious

Look delicious! (Source: Internet)

For those who seek for an idyllic and private corner to enjoy their meal in Cat Ba Island, Buddha Belly, also known as Buddha Garden is no doubt the number one choice. This famous eatery is a vegetarian restaurant, offering tasty and generously sized portion for only VND 30,000 to VND 50,000. Nestling at the corner of the street, finely adorned with subtle decoration, Buddha Belly is such an ideal oasis with ambient atmosphere to dine, relax and chat with family and friends. Don’t forget to treat yourself to some yoga by joining the free meditation classes here, in Buddha Belly.

Yummy restaurant

Thai Curry Soup

Thai curry soup (Source: Internet)

What can be more wonderful than sitting down together at the end of the day, enjoying yummy, cozy dinner and share your day with family members? Just like its name, Yummy Restaurant offers its guests a wide selection of delicious Vietnamese and Thai dishes on the menu, all at a budget price. Give a try for the mouthwatering spicy Thai soup for only VND 30,000 and the BBQ pork for VND 40,000. Those would certainly satisfy your taste buds. Services here are excellent and super friendly, giving you unforgettable dining experience.

Song Changl

Fried noodle

The fried noodle (Source: Internet)

The last but definitely not the least stop is Song Changl restaurant. The fried noodle in this restaurant is just out-of-this-world, with all the flavors harmoniously blend together creating a flavor explosion in the mouth. Only VND 35,000 for a big portion and VND 25,000 for a smaller one, fried noodle in Song Changl is the one dish you’ve got to try!

Those above-mentioned are 5 budget dining places suggested for your stay in Cat Ba Island. Hopefully, catbaisland has given you useful information and a better look into your coming vacation in Cat Ba. Pack your stuff and let’s go discover.