I know many of my friends out there consider Halong Bay as just a Bay as it has been written in travel magazines for ages. They will definitely think of taking a bus from Hanoi straight to Quảng Ninh, a Northern province where Halong Bay sits, spend a night on a fancy cruise amid the giant limestone mountains and that is it! No, that is not how people always do, because that is not everything Halong Bay has got to offer! It is time to think out of the box, with Cát Bà Island, the largest island in the complex of Halong Bay, which belongs to the port city of Hải Phòng. In case a new idea just pops up in your head of signing up for a Cát Bà Island tour in the near future, here are the three finest selected accommodations you may consider.


Cát Bà Island

The infinite green space at Flamingo Cát Bà Beach Resort

Well applied the innovation of green architecture in such an inspiring method alongside with holding a progressive technology idea, Flamingo Cát Bà Beach Resort can be seen as one of the greenish construction across the globe when serving the ability to deliver a massive image of a huge tropical garden.


How is it like to stay here?

Flamingo is the very first 5-star resort ever built all over Cát Bà Island, which brings an upscale hospitality experience to your Cát Bà luxury tour. Flamingo Cát Bà Beach Resort is given an absolute greenish space featured three different buildings Forest On The Sea, Forest In The Sun and Forest On The Sand. An utmost focal point at the resort is a Worldwide scale supreme self-contained convenient service complex. All of the experiences were designed with a view to offering a high-end ambiance for Flamingo’s customers.


The front face

Owning a real private space with Cát Bà Monkey Island Resort

Cát Bà Monkey Island Resort is perfectly situated on an absolutely private beach of Monkey Island in Lan Hạ Bay, which takes you roughly 2 miles from Cát Bà downtown and another 10 minutes by boat from Bến Bèo harbor.

Spending a night at Cat Ba Monkey Island Resort, you will have a fascinating moment staying in well-designed bungalows while getting enclosed by the fresh air coming from the vast ocean, relaxing at your private beach, kayaking, swimming, billiard and getting fit when picking your favorite sport onshore. Apart from these, you can choose to pick a hiking trip upon the peak of a mountain for the stunning view towards Lan Hạ Bay.


Your private space

Cat Ba Monkey Island Resort is filled with totally 39 rooms and smartly equipped with high-quality beddings, air conditioners, and private bathroom along with the hot showers. Moreover, most of the rooms serve a spectacular view towards the landscapes of hundreds of natural islets. Not to mention, Monkey Island Resort Restaurant sits close by the seashore, right in front of a magnificent Eco Garden where you can possibly enjoy Vietnamese as well as Western cuisine.


Serene atmosphere

Do not hesitate to go for Whisper Nature Bungalow during your Cát Bà tour for family

Whisper Nature Bungalow is spotted at Việt Hải Village, at the foot of Cat Ba’s National Park Reserve. This serene hideaway offers a 24-hour reception service in addition to a Vietnamese cuisine bistro. Inspired by the uniqueness of traditional village houses, Whisper Nature Bungalow rooms are sanitary and rustically furnished.


A rustic ambiance

Tea and coffee making machines, as well as a hairdryer, are all prepared beforehand in each room. Trekking and hiking excursions to the mountainous caves and jungles can be your next favorite things at the island. Guest services at Bungalow Whisper Nature include bicycles for rent for a ride to Việt Hải Forest and Cat Ba National Forest. Last but not least, laundry services and transfers are ready to serve, meanwhile, the cozy bistro offers savory Vietnamese dishes with fresh ingredients are well grown at Whisper Nature Bungalow’s own garden.



Cát Bà is such a coastal paradise that fell into oblivion and now surging as a new favorite destination apart from the main area of Halong Bay. Do not forget to ask its local Vietnam tour operators for a help in sorting things out.