There is a massive number of yachts in Halong Bay with comparable appearance and services. Hence, it is quite intricate to choose one that meets the requirements of your luxury tours. The following suggestions will give you some ideas.

The number of cabins and their design

Ha Long yacht
Ha Long yacht

According to various luxury tour operators, the number of cabins and their ornamental style will tell you whether your yacht is sumptuous or not. There are two common types of yachts in Halong Bay, one of which has 5 to 16 cabins and the other has 20 to 32 cabins.

The first type is often called the small-sized yachts, which have a limited number of rooms. Therefore, the cabins are quite spacious, well-designed, and can bring the best relaxation as well as comfort to the customers. You will feel as if you were staying in a 5-star hotel when choosing this kind of yacht.

The cabins of large-sized yachts are usually not as extensive as those in the small ones. Because its number of rooms is up to 32, the area of each cabin will be thoroughly reduced. Although they are relatively luxurious, there are only fundamental pieces of furniture, such as a bed, two chairs, and a dressing table, in a cabin.

However, these yachts mainly serve considerable groups of travelers. So the operators often focus on outdoor and community activities instead of indoor services. If you want a genuinely luxurious trip, it is recommended to discover the number of cabins of a yacht and look at their interior decoration.

The entertainment services on the yacht

Large-sized yachts usually offer a greater number of common entertainment services. They include a spa room, gyms, a mini theater room, a conference room, an outdoor stage, a karaoke room, and other supplement services.

Service on a yacht
Service on a yacht

Small-sized yachts provide fewer of those. Nevertheless, the services there are personalized and the operators often utilize the space of available cabins. As a result, you will have to go nowhere to enjoy your sumptuous life. It will come to you.

The number of customers

It is quite difficult to know how many customers will be on a luxury Vietnam tour with you. Hence, a safe way is to pick out a small-sized yacht. Generally, the fewer the customers, the more comfortable the services are. You will have a chance to use all of them without waiting.

Also, for those who are fond of a private and quiet spot instead of a crowded and noisy place, a small-sized yacht is an ideal choice. At the end, whatever services that you use, the employees will serve you with a more enthusiastic and better attitude.

Although the number of customers is not a decisive factor for choosing a luxurious yacht, it can help you clarify your requirements and look for the perfect choices.

Some entertaining activities during a cruise in Halong Bay

– Kayaking

Kayak in Halong Bay
Kayak in Halong Bay

This is a very interesting activity where two people can participate in rowing a kayak. Learning how to use oars and control a kayak is not difficult. It only takes some minutes for you to get accustomed to the boat’s rolling. Then, you can feel free to row around the limestone-mountains in Halong Bay. The duration for each ride is 1 to 2 hours.

It is recommended to follow the tour guide’s instructions in order not to get lost or get yourself in danger.

– Visiting famous caves and fishing villages

Thien Cung cave
Thien Cung cave

There are various magnificent grottoes in Halong Bay. 20 caves have been discovered and opened to tourists until now. Some of the most prominent ones are Sung Sot, Thien Cung, Hang Thay, and Me Cung. You will have a chance to observe a great number of odd-shaped stalactites which are already millions-of-year-old. Therefore, it is important to bear in mind that drawing or doing things that leave harmful effects on them is unacceptable.

– Taking a bicycle tour

A bicycle tour

Apart from caves, fishing villages are another fascinating journey end in a Vietnam luxury cruise.

They carry the beauty of the fishermen as well as their simple daily life. Although most villagers have been moved to have a more settled life, a lot of them stay to work on seafood cultivation and tourism.

One exciting experience that travelers may have an opportunity to try is riding a bicycle around Cat Ba Island. Unlike other activities, biking brings you a different feeling when you drive along the streets and take a closer look to untouched landscapes. It is recommended to stop for some minutes on the way and contemplate the emerald tone of Halong Bay. You will see that your luxury tours are not wasted at all.