When you think about Vietnam travel, I can make sure that you will think about Halong bay travel immediately. Of course, this destination is too famous for a travel lover to be in the know. Coming to this magnificent bay, you will have the opportunity to visit Catba Island nearby and enjoy a lot of interesting activities like fishing, swimming, cooking and especially kayaking.

Kayaking around Lan Ha Bay is the most interesting activities in Catba tour

Kayaking is a type of sport that young people, tourist love very much when they travel in the sea, rivers, streams or lakes. Especially, when you take a Catba tour, you will find this is the most popular activities in this beautiful island. However, many people are afraid of this adventurous sport. Now, we will provide you with some useful guide which may help you to improve the rowing skill, or make you feel more confident when using this unique boat.

Firstly, when you join any kind of sports, you will also need to have a warm-up. The effect of warm-up is to warm up your body, to avoid joint and muscle injuries due to continuous movement. With kayaking, because of the frequent use of the upper body, you need to warm up wrist, hands, shoulder, and hip more carefully.

To begin kayaking, you have to seat in the boat. Then, put your back close behind the seat and let your knee relaxed as much as possible. After that, straighten your legs and step back to find the most appropriate posture for them. If your legs are too straight, you will feel pressured on the lower back, while if your legs are too curvy, they may collide with the knee support of the boat when you paddle the kayak.

Kayaking on Halong Bay to explore the caves
Kayaking on Halong Bay to explore the caves

About the hand position in the paddles, you should put your arms parallel in front of your chest and the width between your arms is the same as your shoulder distance. When you put the paddle over the top of your head, your elbow should create a 90-degree angle. The distance between your hand position and the paddle head must be the same on both left side and right side.

The paddle of kayak has to main type: feathered and nonfeathered. The “nonfeathered” paddle has two paddle heads positioned on the same straight and same plane. The “feathered” one is different, it is adjusted to a certain angle.

Nonfeathered paddle (above) and feathered paddle (below)
Nonfeathered paddle (above) and feathered paddle (below)

The benefit of rotating the paddle is to reduce the wind resistance and reduce fatigue of the wrist. When a paddle head is pulled down into the water, the other one will surf against the wind. Therefore, the rotation of the paddle head will help to reduce the impact of the wind on the paddle. These two paddles are usually rotated at the angle of 30  to 45 . The smaller the angle is, the more easily the wrist acts. The wider the angle is, the better the rowing performance.

Kayak racing in Catba
Kayak racing in Catba

The basic rowing way is rowing forward. Put the paddle head in the water where is nearest the tip of your feet, then pull it back to your hips and lift it up and repeat this circle with the other side. When you want to change the direction, hold the paddle as usual and put the paddle head in the water as far as you can. Keep the inside of the paddle away from the boat and keep your hands low. Then, pull the paddle like a large bow shape from the prow to the end of the boat. When you start, the prow will be pushed away from the paddle, in the end, the paddle is pulled close to the body of the boat.

Paddling guide

There are two kinds of rowing a kayak. Low-angle kayaking is a relaxed style with slow-rowing speed which is suitable for a long journey or excursion. The angle of the paddle head and the water surface is smaller (more horizontally) so when the paddle head enters the water, it is usually flatter and slightly longer than the high-angle paddles.

High-angle kayaking is a more powerful style with a faster rowing speed which is preferred for those ones love accelerating and racing. This kayaking style is suitable for waterfall conquering and races. Because you put more thrust for each paddle, your kayak will move faster on the water. This kind of kayaking is also a good option for doing exercises.

High-angle kayaking and low-angle kayaking illustration

Kayak is easy to use. Let’s start with the calm water like Catba or Halong sea, then you will feel more confident to control that boat. It will be very interesting if you can row this boat with your sweetie to explore the magnificent caves and islet in Halong Bay and Catba Island with our best quality Catba tour.