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Why Catba Island

Cat Ba island is a magnificent place where possesses the full of favorable factors of nature to be the attractive tourist destination. Cat Ba is an archipelago which contains more than 300 smalls and big islands. Cat Ba island is the biggest one which is approximately 300 kilometer square. There is a small town on the island with many hotels, resort and lots of travel destination for you to visit. Besides, Cat Ba national park is an tourist attractive spot where travelers can explore the wild natural spices’ life.

Catba Island day tours​

Cat Ba Island is the biggest island on the Cat Ba archipelago a haven for nature lovers with an incredible diversity of fauna and flora! If you like to see a naturally stunning forest and wild animals living happily in their habitat, trekking or biking through Cat Ba National Park is a must in your bucket list. Dwelling here is hundreds of species of mammals, birds, reptiles and the rarest primates in the world, named after the island themselves. As if the wildlife is not fascinating enough, here also exists the pristinely beautiful Viet Hai fishing village, a unique culture stop after venturing the park.
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Cat Ba – Ha Long is a tourism compound that is acclaimed all over the world. Known as the  World Legacy with the magnificent limestone standing on the sea, Cat Ba – Ha Long attract millions of tourists coming to Vietnam annually. It can be said that Cat Ba tourism compound is a wonderful combination between rock and water which is partial created by Mother Nature. If you came to Vietnam without visiting this destination, you missed a big Wonder in your life.
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