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There are many places that you want to discover in your Vietnam tours.  However, it will be an interesting experience if you have a chance to discover the entertaining park in Halong. How is that possible? In this writing, you will find the best park in Halong Bay to enjoy your time in Vietnam.

Royal International Park

Royal International Park is located along Bai Chay beach, from the Bai Chay Tourist Boat to the night market Ha Long. This is one of the outstanding recreational areas of Ha Long with an area of about 10 hectares. There are restaurants specializing in serving European dishes, restaurants specializing in Chinese dishes, Vietnamese rice restaurant with specialties seafood. Ideal place for your private tour in Vietnam, right?

Various entertainment services include the artificial sand beach, refreshment center, swimming pool, etc. The park has a bird garden, orchid garden, archery beach, boat shake strong emotions, ghost house, karaoke room, electronic car, art gallery, etc. The stage has an outdoor stage, water puppet show and ethnic music, museum …

The Bai Chay Tourist Boat Port is about 400 m away from Rieu Island – an attractive ecological tourist area in Vietnam private tour. See more information about Lan Ha Bay 1 day tour from Cat Ba Island.

Here, you can visit ethnic dance and musical theater, where you will have the opportunity to enjoy the traditional songs and dances of Vietnam such as the Calligraphy, Katu dance, Champa dance, etc. Or you can go to the water puppet theater that was built in the 12th century under the Ly dynasty. If you are interested in the Vietnam history, you can visit the museum, where displays antique collections of various dynasties such as Bat Trang pottery, Dong Son bronze drum, Cham Pa wood sculpture, etc.

Dragon park

Sun world Halong
Sun world Halong

Dragon Park is the largest theme park in Southeast Asia and the second largest item in the Sun World. Ha Long Park – the entertainment brand of Sun Group has officially come into operation after Cable The Queen has hit two Guinness World Records and the Great Sun Rays have been launched since June 2016. This is also the first park in Asia managed by the Parques Reunidos Group (Spain) – a reputable brand, has established itself as a world leader with over 60 well-known parks in 14 countries.

All games at Dragon Park are imported from Europe based on the strict standards of the TUV (Technischer Überwachungsverein) – the German Association for Quality Assurance, under the supervision of experienced experts from Europe.

>> Cat ba island is an extremely attractive destination, right next to Halong, you can refer to how to get to cat ba island from Hanoi

Produced in limited quantities worldwide by B & M, Dragon Spirit is a world-class adventure game that gives players a sense of suspense. This is not a game for the weak-heart person. You have to be brave to face the fear of the feeling of flying in the sky and immediately go down to the land.

A little bit more adventurous, but equally adventurous compared to Fast Dragon, where you can feel the freedom to fly around the magic swirls. Although not the most adventurous game in Dragon Park it is challenging to cause many people who afraid of speeding games.

The Mystery Journey is also a roller coaster that makes you scream because you may be fear and feel happy at the moments of playing as you will plunge down from the air during a mysterious ruin exploration journey.

After the adventure to the extreme emotions, you will have a chance to enjoy the romantic moment drifting on the romantic river with a tropical yacht, to watch the clouds and clouds of trees and peaceful bushes in your Vietnam private tour.

Dragon Park is very generous with people who want to get a ticket for their childhood as it is equipped with many modern games appealing not only attractive to the little.

Splashing on the back of the lovely animals with a giant two-tiered gyroscope system in the magnificent space of light and music. Many children have demanded further play when the rotation stopped. Even the girls who have gone through childhood have enjoyed the first two-story “Merry Miracle” in Vietnam. The ultra-modern supercar with exciting touches brings a sense of excitement to groups of friends and family.

This two unique destinations will surely bring you the best time in your travel to Vietnam.