Beachs in Hai Phong

Hai Phong Beaches that you may never know before in a Vietnam tour for family

Taking a Vietnam tour for family this summer is a great idea. Especially when beaches here in summer are unbelievably attractive. The following destinations are the most worth-visiting beaches in Hai Phong, Vietnam.

Cat Co Beaches

Even at the time Vietnam beach vacations are not famous, many people have found out and fallen in love with Cat Co Beaches. According to annual reports on the number of tourists, they are the most-visited beaches of Hai Phong City in general and Cat Ba Island in particular. They have 3 beaches in total, which are Cat Co 1, 2, and 3.

Cat Co beach
Cat Co beach

Although they are not so vast, the beaches are surrounded by mountains and trees. You and your family can take a sea-bath while watching the magnificent scenery of nature. Being covered by the trees, the mountains and gulfs around the beaches will bring wonderful relaxation to travelers.

The waves here are quite smooth and the sea-water is sapphire in a spectacular way. So they are appropriate for children. Cat Co Beaches are united by a wooden bridge going along the mountain slopes. Therefore, you will have no trouble visiting all of them in just one day. This is also one of the most interesting features of Cat Co Beaches that most tourists love.

Tung Thu Beach

Besides Cat Co and Do Son Beach, Tung Thu is another one which has been well-planned by the authorities. It is equipped with modern facilities and has met many international standards. Tung Thu Beach is about 2 kilometers far from the center of Cat Ba Town.

Tung Thu beach
Tung Thu beach

A brand new and luxurious landscape will appear in front of your eyes when you arrive at the beach. Its most impressive site is the wide seashore with smooth sand and crystal clear sea-water. And this natural scenery is even more vivid with luxurious resorts located on the beach. They look just like a summer palace of some royal family.

There are many activities for you to try while visiting Tung Thu Beach, one of which is kayaking. Sitting on the kayak and letting your soul go with the waves are some fantastic activities in case you are looking for some peace. Otherwise, just take part in water sports and fun activities that your family likes.

Van Boi Beach

Having a gorgeous charm and peaceful atmosphere, Van Boi Beach can be a perfect destination for your family tour this summer. It is located in a small island of Lan Ha Bay, which is opposite to Giong Rua Island. Van Boi Beach attracts tourists by all of its beauty of undamaged nature.

Van Boi beach
Van Boi beach

While taking a sea-bath here, you can even see the sand on the bottom, under your feet. Because the sea water is so clear and fresh, you will also have a chance to observe coral reefs just by looking down on the water surface.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for your kids to see coral reefs in real life. Moreover, they will be able to learn about the diverse marine ecosystem of various species on the beach. Another thing that your family can expect is that the seafood here will be extremely fresh and delicious.

Cat Dua Beach

The beach is about 1 kilometer long and belongs to Monkey Island – a common tourist destination. You will have to contact Vietnam tour operators to visit it. This is one of the few places where you can really enjoy sea-bathing. The ground is that the water here is incredibly clean and the natural landscapes around it look just like a masterpiece.

Cat Dua beach
Cat Dua beach

There are not many eventful activities or leisure games here. So you and your family may not like it if your kids want something more exciting. However, if you are looking for a place to have relaxing moments after extended days of work, Cat Dua Beach will be just fit.

Another fascinating thing that you can experience when traveling to Cat Dua Beach is playing with monkeys. This is also the reason why the locals call the island “Monkey Island.” There are 10-20 monkeys living there and they are quite friendly to human. Your children will love feeding them and taking pictures with them.

Do Son Beach

Do Son Beach is in the area of Do Son Peninsula – a district of Hai Phong City. It is one of the most well-known tourist spots and beaches in Northern Vietnam. Perhaps, the reason for this lies in its imposing natural scenes and wavy coastline. It accidentally forms a spacious and long beach that you can see today.

Some newspapers even compare the beach to a dragon crawling to the South China Sea. Do Son is divided into three main areas, which are connected by one highway. The sea water here is not as clear as other beaches in Hai Phong. But the saltiness is lower so you will not get sunburnt even if you take a sea-bath in mid-day.

If you like an eventful atmosphere and playing water sports with your family, Do Son Beach 2 is an ideal spot. The most exciting sports and services in Vietnam family packages are found there. On the contrary, Do Son Beach 3 is the place you need to go in case you want quiet moments and lazy holidays. And if you love watching the sunrises and sunsets, there is no place you would rather be than Do Son Beach 1.

In that way, your Vietnam tour for family will be memorable for them.